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What a great plant!  The Pleomele reflexa, flies under the radar for most designers and homeowners but it’s an excellent choice with lots of character.  Ours are propagated in south Florida by one of our favorite nurseries and the specimens in 14″ growpots are tall and can be placed in tight spaces.  Although it’s a close relative of Dracaenas, it is considered a medium-light plant and needs a little more light than a Lisa Cane; but its character is striking.  Place it near a window and let it grow – it’s an easy plant requiring little attention.

Plant Details

Size 3-4', 5-6+'
Difficulty Easy Care Level
Light Medium Light, Bright Indirect Light
Pet Friendly This plant may be toxic to pets

Our 30-Day Guarantee

We take pride in ensuring the well-being of your plants, guaranteeing their arrival in a happy and healthy condition. As part of our 30-Day Guarantee, if your plants do not meet this standard within 30 days of arrival, we offer free replacements. While minor signs of stress may be expected from transit, if the damage goes beyond slight imperfections, please contact us within 30 days of receipt to receive a complimentary replacement.


The Reflexa will survive in low light, but thrives in moderate- and high-light spaces.  If you can get it in good light, you can get it and (nearly) forget it.  Here are some tips to keep it growing:


Like other members of the Dracaena family, it prefers its rootzone on the dry side; so make sure the soil dries out between waterings.   See our watering guide for more information.


Although it’s a close relative of Dracaenas, the Reflexa still needs at least moderate light. It’s great near a window with filtered light but not in a dark spot. Like others, do not expose this plant to direct sunlight or it will burn the leaves very quickly.


The Reflexa will not need to be fed during the first 6 months after it has shipped. During this time, it will use the residual nutrients from nursery production. After 6 months, it can be fed quarterly with a complete fertilizer formulated for interior plants. Please refer to our nutrient guide for details.


This plant, with its numerous trunks and plentiful small leaves, is a bit more challenging to clean.  While we prefer a cleaning regimen with water and a light soap solution, it would be okay to break out the feather duster on this plant.  Make sure your feather duster is clean though – it’s a primary way to get bugs from one plant to another.  Don’t be afraid to crank up the shower and give it rinse off with some tepid water every now and then too.


In good light, the Reflexa can grow up and out, sometimes requiring minor pruning.  Cut stems below where you’d like new growth to fill in, since the cut will prompt growth in that area.  The lower leaves can turn yellow and are easily pulled off.  See our pruning guide for details.


The biggest threat for the Reflexa is Mealybugs and they can be pesky.  So, keep it clean.  Look for the little white cottony bugs at the base of the leaves.  If you see them, break out the spray bottle with a light soap solution and spray them daily ’til they’re gone.


Aside from the mealybug threat, just pluck off the old leaves and enjoy this one.

Customer Reviews for
Reflexa Plant

(23 Reviews)
  1. Joseph L. Verified Buyer

    Beautiful and healthy specimen. Well packaged along with perfect customer service “Sue”.. Thanks again and will be back!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for the nice comments and we’re so glad you’re happy with your new plant. Please keep us posted on progress!!

  2. Dawn Smott Verified Buyer

    Plants were healthy and beautiful! Arrived quickly and packaged well.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks Dawn! The next group will be shipping to you soon!

  3. MARCIA Verified Buyer

    Beautiful plant . It arrived carefully packaged , with every leaf intact . The shipping was fast and so far the plant is doing well in its new home .
    I will certainly buy from PLANTZ again .

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Tahnks for letting us know! If you need help with selecting another variety, please just let us know.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for letting us know. If you need any help with future purchases, please just let us know.

  4. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Repeat customer, always thrilled with my purchases here. Highest quality specimens. Shipped well.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      We are so glad you’re happy with all of your plants from us. We appreciate your orders!

  5. Rick A. Verified Buyer

    Beautiful, large plant arrived in excellent condition. Great customer service and fast shipping.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks Rick! So glad it arrived safely!

  6. Asha Verified Buyer

    I absolutely LOVE it. Healthy and gorgeous!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Wonderful to hear! Let us know if you have any questions regarding the care.
      Thanks – Sue

  7. Shelby Verified Buyer

    A truly gorgeous, healthy plant! I couldn’t be more pleased and thanks for being so mindful and customer-focused to have anticipated shipping it to me after the freakish Texas storm last month! I will never again order from elsewhere! The Plantz team is top-notch!!!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      That was quite the freakish storm for sure! Glad you made it through and your plant made it to you safely!

  8. Gema M. Verified Buyer

    So so gorgeous! The Reflexa plant is a true beauty, its foliage is to die for, grows bushy and tall, with a rich dark green color. I have had many compliments on it already in just 2 short weeks of having it. I ordered this and the majestic White Bird of Paradise in the 14 inch grow pots, and presented each in modern white planters with beautiful moss on top, also bought from Plantz. They make me very happy, every time I catch a glimpse of them when I walk by, I smile 🙂 I recommend Plantz 100% and plan to keep buying from them in the near future.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you! We’re happy to help with any of your plant needs so just let us know if you need us!

  9. naomi Verified Buyer

    Came carefully boxed. Opening it was like seeing a blind date for the first time. And I appreciate the thorough notes on how to care for the reflexa.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks! Love the blind date reference!

  10. Terence Verified Buyer

    The reflexa arrived super happy and healthy. The bottom of the box was a little banged up but nothing was damaged. The rest of the plant was very well packaged and unpacking was a breeze after watching the unpacking video. Sue was extremely helpful the entire process and is super communicative. Love my plant and can’t wait to buy from this place again.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you! We are sorry about the delay in getting it to you but the weather was not cooperating this summer! We hope you enjoy its beauty for many years to come and if we can help you in the future, please let us know!

  11. Cynthia R. Verified Buyer

    Lankier (taller) than my first one but I’m a fan of this gorgeous plant.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you. They seem to have a mind of their own in the way that they grow and are one of the tall column like plants that we carry.

  12. Luke Rizzuto III Verified Buyer

    beatiful health and size is above and beyond

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Glad to hear that we’ve exceeded your expectations!

  13. Cynthia R. Verified Buyer
  14. Renee W. Verified Buyer

    Fantastic beautiful plant will definitely buy again. Way better than I expected

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you! In Florida, they tend to grow year round so they might be a bit different from the specs you see on our site!
      Thanks – Sue

  15. Jessica H. Verified Buyer

    Could not be happier as a first time buyer!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks so much! We are happy to help you going forward if you need us!

  16. Juliette F. Verified Buyer

    Great plants and customer service. I buy all of my plants here and will continue to do so. Thanks Sue for your attention and great customer service.

  17. Chris C. Verified Buyer

    Great plant, great support, and great experience!

  18. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    I live in the northeast and received a beautiful plant. I opted for the largest Reflexa. It’s surprising how well it faired through the shipping process. Clear instructions were provided and customer support was able to quickly answer my question related to the timing of my shipment. The plant is doing well so far in medium light conditions.

  19. Meghann K. Verified Buyer

    Beautiful! Exactly what I wanted and arrived in perfect condition!

  20. Lisa H. Verified Buyer
  21. Sherifia H. Verified Buyer
  22. Barry Powers

    As great as the plant looks in the pictures, they still don’t do it justice. It showed up in perfect condition. I didn’t have to go to the store and figure out how to get such a large plant home. Most places don’t even have plants this nice. With the lengths Plantz goes to to ensure I knew how to open my plant and care for my plant to ensure it stays as healthy. You can tell how much they care about their plants and customers by reading their descriptions and watching their videos. The service and communication regarding my order was very impressive as well. Great company, Great Plants. Thank you for everything.

    Image #1 from Barry Powers
  23. Anonymous Verified Buyer
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