Refund and Returns Policy

Post-Sale Support

After getting a plant from us, you are responsible for keeping it alive and we cannot be held responsible if you kill it, or cause it to become near dead or very ugly.  Of course, you will be starting with a strong, healthy plant that’s been acclimated for use indoors, and we will be providing as much expertise as possible to keep your plant thriving and lasting for years to come, but we can’t be responsible for its demise if you do any of these things to it:

  • Give it too much water.
  • Give it too little or no water.
  • Expose it to extreme temperatures.
  • Place it in direct sunlight.
  • Keep it in a low light area for too long.

We offer post-sale support by phone and email.  The best way to start a support session is by sending an email to .  Please be prepared to send your order number, pictures of your plant and its surroundings and a description of the circumstances.

Please note from above, the first two points have to do with watering – too much and too little.  Getting the watering regimen right is the most critical cultural practice for starting your plant off in its new home.  If you water incorrectly, the other factors become irrelevant.  To that end, we have developed a Watering Guide that you’ll need to review before we can help you.  And, from the guide, you’ll see the most important tool for watering correctly is our Soil Sleuth.  It’s a type of soil probe and there are other brands.  For us to help you with watering, you must have a Soil Sleuth or similar soil probe.  We highly recommend you include one with your order.  If you missed it with your order, we offer incentives for you to get one post-sale – please contact us at for details.  We will be unable to help you with watering issues unless you have a soil probe.

Lastly, your plant will die one day.  Our job it to help you make that day as far in to the future as possible.  So, if you kill your plant, we will be happy to replace it with another at full price.



Returns for Plants

Unfortunately, returning a plant to us is rarely possible. Packing it safely for transit is difficult and again, shipping is expensive. The plants usually cannot survive another trip in the box to get back to us. If you do decide to return it to us, customer will be responsible for shipping charges and we will process a refund for the price of the plant once it has been determined that it properly packaged and is healthy.

If you do qualify, and we agree to ship you a replacement plant, you must sign-up and participate in the UPS My Choice or FedEx Delivery Manager program. This is a program provided by UPS and FedEx that will help you manage the time and date of your delivery and even divert the delivery to one of UPS’s or FedEx’s many shipping points. This can be particularly important if you’re experiencing inclement weather and a controlled delivery point is desired.


Returns for Planters and Supplies

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with a planter or supplies you purchase from us, you can return the item for a full refund provided they’re not damaged by you or, in the case of our liquid fertilizers, unsealed by you.  You will, however, incur the expense of the return shipping costs.  If a planter or supplies are damaged when being shipped to you, we will either 1) issue a full refund or, 2) replace the item at our cost.


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