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Ahh…the Lisa Cane.  On display indoors, this plant really conveys elegance and it’s one of the best performers in low-light spaces.  For all you Corn Plant haters out there (and we know who you are), this is a great alternative because the strap leaves are deep, deep green and the stems are green too.  It’s tall, and not very wide, so it fits well in corners and tight places and it has a low maintenance requirement – instantly turning plant novices in to plant heroes.  The Lisa Cane is from our Hawaiian Collection, so it’s already made the trip from Hawaii to the mainland and it’s ready for shipment to you.


Plant Details

Size 5-6+'
Difficulty Easy Care Level
Light Medium Light
Pet Friendly This plant may be toxic to pets

Our 30-Day Guarantee

We take pride in ensuring the well-being of your plants, guaranteeing their arrival in a happy and healthy condition. As part of our 30-Day Guarantee, if your plants do not meet this standard within 30 days of arrival, we offer free replacements. While minor signs of stress may be expected from transit, if the damage goes beyond slight imperfections, please contact us within 30 days of receipt to receive a complimentary replacement.


The Lisa Cane is a versatile plant  great for low-light and tight areas, and it’s pretty easy to keep looking good. Here’s what you need to know about the Lisa Cane:


The Lisa Cane is propagated in Hawaii, so it’s grown in lava rock giving it some very forgiving watering requirements. Preferring only a slightly moist rootzone, it won’t drink a lot of water, and with the right set up and spot, it can go a full month (and sometimes several months) between waterings. See our watering guide for more information.


This plant is a Dracaena, and has one of the lowest light requirements of all the plants we offer. It’s great near a window with filtered light or a corner with only artificial light. Do not, however, expose this plant to direct sunlight or it will burn the leaves very quickly.


The Lisa Cane will not need to be fed during the first 12 months after it has shipped. During this time, it will use the residual nutrients from nursery production. After 12 months, it can be fed quarterly with a complete fertilizer formulated for interior plants. Please refer to our nutrient guide for details.


This is an easy plant to keep clean, and a good thing because its deep green leaves can get dusty over time. Simply wiping the leaves with a wet cloth usually does the trick. For spots where something else (besides dust) has landed on your plant, use a mild soapy solution to wet the cloth; then wipe. This will restore the luster to your plant.


Don’t. Unless your plant is not meeting the dimensions of its intended space, you will not need to prune this plant. Older leaves, though, may yellow, and they can be pruned or snapped off. Brown tips can be trimmed off to the contour of the leaf. See our pruning guide for details.


The Lisa is not a big target for pests. Mealybugs will be the main pest, and sometimes scale will affect the plant. Both easily controlled by wiping the infested area with a soapy solution. It can take several intermittent cleanings to rid the plant of the pests, but persistence will pay off.


Minor leaf spots and old age will be your biggest worry with the Lisa Cane.

  • Leaf spots – Spots on the leaves may be a natural imperfection from production. If your new Lisa has a few spots, don’t sweat it – it’s Mother Nature’s way of letting you know it’s a real, live plant. Over time, leaf spots, especially on the margins, can develop from a build-up of fluoride in the leaves from water sources treated with fluoride – like almost everywhere that water comes from a treatment plant. If you can water with rain water from your garden, have at it; otherwise, be on the lookout for discolored margins over a very long period of time.  When older leaves become unsightly, just remove them.
  • Yellow and brown leaves – Old leaves may turn yellow and begin to brown. These should be removed.


Customer Reviews for
Lisa Cane

(54 Reviews)
  1. Marcus Verified Buyer
  2. Joseph L. Verified Buyer

    Beautiful and Healthy at 7 feet tall. Definitely buying again from PLANTZ

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      They are beautiful! Thanks for the nice comments and your next batch of greenery is leaving here today! Enjoy!

  3. Susan Warren Verified Buyer

    Absolutely beautiful! It embraces my home, and is stellar in my family room. The leaves are lush and gorgeous. Plantz has the most spectacular plants and accessories! I highly recommend them!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks Susan!

  4. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  5. Matt Verified Buyer

    My original shipment was damaged pretty good and the plant was very damaged. Sue was very helpful and great with communication to correct the situation. Ultimately needed to get a new plant and she promptly helped with that, and very happy with the plant I ended up with. Great customer service fixed an unfortunate shipping problem.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for the very nice comments. I did get your photo of the one that was crushed during the trip and and happy to see that it is producing some new growth for you. It might take some time, but one day it will be beautiful like your replacement is!

  6. Rebel J. Verified Buyer
  7. Lauren Verified Buyer

    Beautiful plant & great delivery!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you!

  8. Stephanie Verified Buyer

    I purchased 2- one was perfect. The other was significantly damaged. Sue shipped me a new tree to replace the damaged one! Great customer service!!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you! It doesn’t happen often but we do get a few that are flipped upside down during their travels and I’m so sorry that yours was one of them. I hope they’re all doing well now and the damaged one should perk back up soon!

  9. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  10. William R. Verified Buyer

    This is my second plant purchase. The plants are very healthy and the service and support is just excellent!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you!

  11. Janelle Verified Buyer

    Very nice plant.

  12. Harrell Verified Buyer

    Very healthy but a small amount of
    damage to top of plant. I was issued
    a nice amount of refund for damage.
    This company excels with care and
    customer service. Sue in customer
    relations makes your purchase and
    any questions absolutely wonderful
    and concern with outstanding product
    knowledge. I would recommend this
    company beyond 5 Stars.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks Hal! I’ve got a great support team too so if I can’t figure out what you need, my team can!

  13. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Sue was absolutely amazing and the biggest help EVER!!!!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you! Happy to help if/when you need me so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions!

  14. Jazmine M. Verified Buyer

    I’ve been having some issues with leaves yellowing and browning. I know leaves are supposed to fall from the bottom over time but these are at the top. I love the plant. It’s gorgeous other than that. I have video to provide if needed. Would love tips on how to stop the yellowing/browning.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Hi Jazmine – this is most likely a watering issue but I believe we’ve already worked this out.
      Thanks – Sue

  15. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  16. Dina E. Verified Buyer

    I loved my first Lisa cane so much, I ordered another one! ❤️

    It’s very easy to take care of, just show it a lot of TLC & low light, so the beautiful leaves don’t burn.

    It also loves to be wiped with a moist cloth every few days too!

    Be sure you water it only when the soil is dry & let the water run through completely, it doesn’t like soggy soil.

    I also ordered a beautiful White Bird Of Paradise plant as well. ❤️

    I have never been more satisfied with large plants, they arrived here in excellent condition from Florida to Michigan. 👍

    They are very informative on caring for all the plants as well, & have videos on care for them too.

    Thank you! I look forward to ordering from Plantz again!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for the great comments and we’re so glad to have you as a customer. We’re here if you have any questions!
      Thanks – Sue

  17. Diego F. Verified Buyer

    Awesome plant. Fast shipping.

  18. Ariel Verified Buyer

    We love our new Dracaena!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know!

  19. Nivedita Jampana Verified Buyer
  20. Gregory Matkosky Verified Buyer
  21. doyle Verified Buyer
  22. Andre R. Verified Buyer

    This was also shipped very well and is doing well.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      One of our all-time favorites as it does well in any lighting and is so easy to care for. Enjoy!
      Thanks – Sue

  23. Jeffery B. Verified Buyer
  24. Sharon M. Verified Buyer

    Plant was delivered upside down by Fed Ex around 10:00pm at night. It sat outside till the next morning in the cold when I became aware of the delivery. The plant was a disaster by then. I sent pictures to Sue. Sue was absolutely the best in helping me through this. I removed the damaged leaves – the plant is very thin now- but have hopes it will rebound. Sue credited me for the plant and gave great tips on trying to bring it back to life. I will definitely use plantz in the future because if Sue. Thanks Sue.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Hi Sharon – We’re so sorry this happened. Although it is rare for the plants to suffer some damage, this one must’ve traveled for quite some time upside down. With a bit of love, it might be beautiful one day and when you’re ready to try again please let me know!
      Thanks – Sue

  25. Jackie C. Verified Buyer

    We had the best experience with Plantz! Our plant arrived in perfect condition and is beautiful! The communication from the crew was very helpful. I Can not wait to order more plants 🌱

  26. Living Plantz Verified Buyer

    Such an amazing process. Plant is gorg and came beautifully shipped with no damage in a fast time. Definitely recommend!

  27. Nicole S. Verified Buyer

    This is my second purchase! Both times I was very pleased with the fast delivery service and the condition of my plant.. Thank you!!

  28. Jeff Woodward Verified Buyer
  29. Michelle K. Verified Buyer

    The plant stork delivered a healthy, happy 5-1/2 ft Lisa Cane Draecena to my doorstep about a week ago, and it’s acclimating well. It doesn’t stand perfectly straight from all angles, but I’m working on that!

  30. Suzette Verified Buyer

    Plant arrived in great condition! Super easy to unpack. Also great instructions were sent on how to take care of your plant.

  31. Agnes Verified Buyer

    The shortest stem’s leaves look dry, seems like wilted soon, but other 3 stems look healthy & good looking.

  32. meredith Verified Buyer

    Superb plant, superb customer service. Huge thanks for the support and this gorgeous tree, that makes our house more home like. We are hoping to buy another one later this fall.

  33. Colleen Verified Buyer

    It’s not doing as well as the others but I’m hoping in time it comes around. This one seems to take a beating through FedEx. Just curious how another delivery service might work.

  34. Lauren M. Verified Buyer
  35. Jacqueline Verified Buyer

    Love the plant & pleased with service!

  36. Sarah Fernandes Verified Buyer
  37. Steve Pattenson Verified Buyer
  38. Eric M. Verified Buyer

    Plant is even taller than expected, but exactly the size I needed. It was everything I hoped to receive…and more! Some leaves were scratched, but to be expected in shipping. Hope to have have this beautiful plant in my home for many years. I’ll be a return customer!

  39. Elaine W. Verified Buyer
  40. Peggy Edwards Verified Buyer
  41. Kaci B. Verified Buyer

    I was so excited when I found this, since my sister lives in Hawaii, this plant reminds me of her! I got two Lisa canes, the smallest size, however I ended up with two beautifully large plants (at least 1-2 feet taller than I thought)! The lava rocks did fall out a bit in shipping, but I was amazed on how gorgeous the plants were when they arrived! Very excellent follow up by the company including step by step instructions on the best way to set up the plant, and a phone call to ensure you are happy with your order! I told my family about this company and they will be ordering a Lisa cane very soon from plantz too!

  42. Sandra Ruhstaller Verified Buyer
  43. amykandrews Verified Buyer

    Gorgeous plant! Arrived in perfect condition and obviously have very experienced packaging engineers doing this! Absolutely beautiful and just like the picture! You will NOT be disappointed! Yes the shipping is pricey but so worth it! I recommend the mood moss and decorative pots too with the foam collars as it is easy to install and really adds the finishing touch! I am waiting eagerly for to bring back the lemon lime dracenea cane so I may purchase for my living room!!! Thanks and shipping department for such an awesome job!! So much better than other online sites I’ve had! Perfect!!

    Image #1 from amykandrews
  44. Delermena L. Verified Buyer

    Beautiful vibrant plant.

  45. angella c. Verified Buyer

    We love our plants even though it’s going through an obvious transition period. We are optimistic that they will do well. Thanks for your support. Hoping it will look like the one in the pic in a few weeks 🙂

  46. Cathy Ryan Verified Buyer
  47. Lynette Johnson Verified Buyer
  48. Sherifia H. Verified Buyer
  49. pamela m. Verified Buyer

    Tree came just as advertised. Perfect!

  50. Michael Molnar Verified Buyer

    Plant arrived in perfect condition just like the Plantz You Tube video depicted. It is a breathtaking addition to my living room. I heartily recommend Plantz.

  51. Carl C. Verified Buyer
  52. Heidi G. Verified Buyer
  53. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  54. Heather Verified Buyer

    The plant is absolutely beautiful and is thriving! I really appreciate the tips and the follow up…thank you!

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