PlantAssure Sub-Irrigation System


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A PLANTZ exclusive that makes caring for your plant foolproof.  Our PlantAssure Sub-irrigation System is designed to extend your plant’s watering interval, often times allowing plants to go several weeks to a month between waterings.

The kit is sized to the grow pot of your plant, and raises the grow pot above the liner creating a reservoir from which the plant draws water as the soil dries down.  Each kit includes:

1) one PVC ring of approximately 6″ or 8″ in diameter that will raise the grow pot approximately 1″ off the bottom of the liner

2) four wicks made of capillary matting material that absorb water from the reservoir into the soil profile.

When a PlantAssure kit is ordered with a new plant from us, the plant will be delivered to you with the wicks installed and you will incur no additional shipping costs.  You will simply place the plant on top of the PVC ring in the liner and push the wicks down in to the bottom of the liner where it will come in contact with the water when you water the plant.

Please note that liners are NOT included with the system if it is purchased without a plant but any local garden center should have these.  You should measure the diameter of the base of the plant and purchase one locally that is slightly larger.

You can order the PlantAssure kits separately and install them yourself on your existing plants or plants from other sources.

Customer Reviews for
PlantAssure Sub-Irrigation System

(174 Reviews)
  1. Marcus Verified Buyer

    Thanks Sue!

  2. Kristina Verified Buyer

    Not enough experience with it yet, but seems helpful re: watering proper amounts.

  3. Karen H. Verified Buyer

    I’m glad I ordered the PlantAssure kit too.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks Karen! I’m also glad you have it and thanks for your note. It certainly takes the guesswork out of wondering when it needs to be watered!

  4. Treacy Fenton Verified Buyer
  5. Pamela M. Verified Buyer
  6. Ken Larsen Verified Buyer

    Great system . . . a real time saver.

  7. Marcus Verified Buyer
  8. Jeanine Szweda Verified Buyer
  9. Jeanine Szweda Verified Buyer
  10. Caroline Magambo Verified Buyer
  11. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  12. Angel Torres Verified Buyer
  13. Daniel Verified Buyer

    These are great and add a lot of room for error in your watering.

  14. Jeff Steinfeldt Verified Buyer
  15. kim schnorr Verified Buyer
  16. Danielle P. Verified Buyer

    This is a must- makes it so you only water one or two times a month.

  17. Susan Warren Verified Buyer

    Great system. It takes the question out of watering.

  18. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  19. Steven Cotroneo Verified Buyer

    Great device to extend the watering interval. Must have.

  20. Gwendolyn Bryant Verified Buyer
  21. Valaida Wise Verified Buyer

    It’s a must have!

  22. Massimo Verified Buyer
  23. Kelly F. Verified Buyer

    I have another plant without it so I’m really happy to try it!

  24. Kathleen M. Verified Buyer

    Just started using it. Think it will work great!

  25. judy g. Verified Buyer
  26. Joseph N. Verified Buyer
  27. Jeffery B. Verified Buyer
  28. Louis F. Verified Buyer

    Works well and simple to install/use!

  29. Carol M. Verified Buyer
  30. Brent Pope Verified Buyer
  31. Tori Verified Buyer

    I’m yet to see how this works. I understand it in theory, but my first plant was frozen in transport, so I am yet to watch this work. I am slightly concerned that the water will start to smell stagnant. We will see!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      The plant should be using up the water regularly so you can wait until the liner has dried down before adding fresh water. It should extend the watering intervals since there is more water for the plant to use and not sit until the water is stagnant.

  32. Eddie K. Verified Buyer
  33. James Eagar Verified Buyer
  34. John D. Verified Buyer
  35. Chris Verified Buyer
  36. Karen B. Verified Buyer

    Easy to set up!

  37. Kenneth Verified Buyer

    Simple and efficient system to ensure your plants have water but aren’t soaked and aren’t prone to root rot.

  38. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  39. Robert Castle Verified Buyer
  40. KAREN G. Verified Buyer

    Great system!

  41. Rebel J. Verified Buyer

    Sue is very helpful! Plant is beautiful and received it in great condition.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you! I have a great team that helps! Your next order will be shipping soon! I can’t wait to see the photos!

  42. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  43. Nicholas M. Verified Buyer
  44. dana d. Verified Buyer

    Works great – first time I was able to keep my plants alive!

  45. Veronica Verified Buyer
  46. Kate Kosta Verified Buyer

    Vinyl liner broken in transit. Luckily had saucer to replace it with.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for letting us know! I’m hoping you’ve received the replacement liner and all is well now. Will reach out via email to check on you!

  47. Melanie Verified Buyer

    Makes it easier to water my plants.

  48. Ashley G. Verified Buyer

    Love this! Makes watering so easy!

  49. Erin Verified Buyer
  50. Vicki C. Verified Buyer

    Haven’t received it! Ordered same time as plant.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      This was installed in the plant for you. The white capillary wicks are protruding from the growpot holes at the base of the plant and the riser ring is in the liner under the plant. I’ll give you a call to make sure you have it and have gotten my care instructions too!
      Thanks – Sue

  51. Yolanda M. Verified Buyer
  52. Eymard Robby Verified Buyer

    Simple yet effective solution to prevent root rot of any plant.

  53. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  54. Tonya Verified Buyer
  55. Wilson A Verified Buyer
  56. Robyn Verified Buyer

    I love plants, but caring for them is not one of my strengths. This system has helped me keep my plant alive and looking great!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Awesome! Thanks for letting us know and we wish that everyone would invest in this for their plants to help keep them happy and healthy!

  57. Victoria B. Verified Buyer
  58. Sandra Newton Verified Buyer

    Great system, although I need a flashlight to see what’s going on inside my larger decorative planter.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Measuring and dating will help you with this once the plant has settled in. It takes about 4 weeks for them to settle down.

  59. Gema M. Verified Buyer
  60. Elizabeth Verified Buyer
  61. Karen A. Verified Buyer

    Love! Makes maintenances so very easy!

  62. Henry Verified Buyer

    The system makes it so easy to see when I need to water my plant. Gives me peace of mind.

  63. C Witter Verified Buyer

    Making it all so easy, thank you.

  64. Oscar Trestini Verified Buyer
  65. Elizabeth H. Verified Buyer
  66. Corrie M. Verified Buyer
  67. Richard Verified Buyer

    So far it’s been great I never thought keeping your plant hydrated could be so easy.

  68. Debra W. Verified Buyer

    Not sure how to rate this as I have not used it yet

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      I am emailing you now to help get you started!

  69. Linda Moore Verified Buyer
  70. Ashley Young Verified Buyer
  71. Cynthia R. Verified Buyer

    A bit pricey for what it is…pebbles could also raise the growpot to allow drainage and air circulation around the roots.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      The system is more about the capillary wicks than the riser but we try to make it easier for customer by adding the riser which is the perfect height and a bit easier to use than pebbles.

  72. William R. Verified Buyer

    The PlantAssure Kit is a great innovation which solves the over or under watering problem that plant novices have.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      I don’t think you qualify as being a novice anymore! So glad your plants are happy and healthy!

  73. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  74. Ashley Verified Buyer
  75. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Love the watering system. It takes the guesswork out of watering.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Yes it does and we highly recommend it for every plant!
      Thanks – Sue

  76. Brenda Verified Buyer
  77. Dr Adele M. Verified Buyer

    Great for taking the guess work out of watering plant

  78. Kennith L. Verified Buyer

    A life saver. Takes away the worry of over & under watering. Love it!

  79. Natalia N. Verified Buyer
  80. Marcel Rif Verified Buyer
  81. Jocelyn G. Verified Buyer

    Our palm is healthy – more importantly, even though I’m a novice at keeping houseplants, I am stress free and literally never worry about over or under watering. Very simple to use, and the instructions and videos from the Plantz team were great. Even if I didn’t love the customer service (and I do), I would choose Plantz for all my future houseplant needs because of the simplicity and peace of mind that come from the irrigation system.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you Jocelyn!

  82. Linda Verified Buyer

    Unique! They make it super easy to understand, too.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Very easy to use and works very well. Takes the guesswork out of wondering if the plants need water or not!
      Thanks – Sue

  83. Gabriel S. Verified Buyer
  84. Nicholas L. Verified Buyer
  85. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  86. Scott W Miholics Verified Buyer

    Easy installation, too early to deserve a 5 until I see how it works, but I have 100% confidence I’ll add that extra point once I see how much easier it makes my life

  87. Nia Spencer Verified Buyer

    This is a fantastic system! I want it for all of my plants!

  88. Veronica M. Verified Buyer
  89. Keisha B. Verified Buyer
  90. Magdalena Delascasas Verified Buyer
  91. Gustavo A Torres Verified Buyer
  92. Valaida Wise Verified Buyer

    If you are one who is not sure about watering (I’ve learned the hard way how important it is to get it right) you need to get this. Just do it.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Getting it on a watering schedule is the most important thing! I think we’ve all killed a few plants by overwatering!

  93. Daniel Verified Buyer

    The idea here is great, but a few things could improve it, I think: 1) the ring could be slightly bigger, so the plant sits more firmly atop it, and 2) instructions could indicate that water is supposed to come up to the _bottoms_ of the growpot’s holes, not above that.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for the notes. I think we state in a few places that the water stays below the holes where the wicks are protruding but I’ll highlight this in my emails going forward.
      Thank you!

  94. River Verified Buyer
  95. Krystle Verified Buyer

    Life saver!

  96. Mark Mayglothling Verified Buyer
  97. Serena S. Verified Buyer
  98. Jenny L. Verified Buyer
  99. Vanessa Verified Buyer

    So convenient

  100. Karen A. Verified Buyer
  101. Susan H. Verified Buyer
  102. April C. Verified Buyer

    Makes watering and maintenance of plants easy

  103. Maria Beckman Verified Buyer
  104. Mary Kay Crandall Verified Buyer
  105. Theodore F. Verified Buyer
  106. Jessica H. Verified Buyer

    Keeps plants watered!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Yes! It takes the guesswork out of wondering if they need water or not!
      Thanks – Sue

  107. Sue Mayglothling Verified Buyer
  108. John Verified Buyer

    Works exactly as described!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      So glad to hear that it is working for you. It does take the guesswork out of wondering when and how much to water!
      Thanks – Sue

  109. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    This helps cut down on watering worry, but not absolutely necessary if you’re good with plants. I do like it.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      It is perfect for those who are new to houseplants or are purchasing something that requires high light!
      Thanks – Sue

  110. Amanda P. Verified Buyer

    this thing, while so simple, makes watering the plant so much easier! takes the guesswork out and that is much appreciated as a first time plant mama

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      We wish that all our customer would try this and we use it in our house accounts here in Central Florida as it makes our technicians lives so much easier!
      Thanks – Sue

  111. BRENDA K. Verified Buyer
  112. Mark Mayglothling Verified Buyer

    Makes the decision about when to water the plant very easy.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      We’re so glad you’re understanding the system. It’s so easy to use and really helps prevent over/under watering and can extend the watering intervals too!
      Thanks – Sue

  113. shawn oconnell Verified Buyer
  114. Anne Verified Buyer

    Makes perfect sense.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer


  115. Jeffery B. Verified Buyer
  116. Mark Mayglothling Verified Buyer

    Make knowing when to water very easy.

  117. Tiffany W. Verified Buyer
  118. Robin Verified Buyer

    This system took the guess work out. It’s working beautifully! No brainer!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for the nice and true comments! I hope that others see this and give it a try!
      Thanks – Sue

  119. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  120. Sandra E. Verified Buyer

    This has been great!

  121. Brian Dlouhy Verified Buyer
  122. Natalie Licini Verified Buyer
  123. Edwn Gropp Verified Buyer
  124. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Only negative is that shipping cost as much as item.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Hi Melissa – Unfortunately, we don’t have any control over FedEx and their pricing. I wish we did! We try to get customers to add supplies when they order the plant so we can include everything in the same box and there is no additional shipping charges. We do try to get our rates lower on a regular basis but so far, FedEx isn’t being very flexible!

  125. Karen Robinson Verified Buyer
  126. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  127. Karen Davis Verified Buyer
  128. Ellen D. Verified Buyer

    Works well. Glad I purchased it.

  129. Glenna Sommer Verified Buyer
  130. Linda Conley Verified Buyer

    Waiting for my ring

  131. Barbara M. Verified Buyer
  132. kim saenz Verified Buyer
  133. Wilson A Lester Jr Verified Buyer
  134. Hannah Smith Verified Buyer
  135. Cindy Rullman Verified Buyer
  136. Lynne J. Verified Buyer

    My two plants are beautiful, they have transformed my apartment into a homely space all while being healthy to live with! Easy process and amazing customer service. I had lots of questions and I was encouraged to send pictures of the plants so they could comment and send advice on where to put them and how to care for them.

  137. Monica L. Verified Buyer
  138. Jeffery B. Verified Buyer
  139. Ronna W. Verified Buyer

    The PlantAssure Sub-irrigations System is a must have for the FLF trees, its made my life so much easier.

  140. Amber W. Verified Buyer
  141. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  142. Britni Thiesen Verified Buyer
  143. Ronna Westland Verified Buyer
  144. Cheri Morgan Verified Buyer

    Very cool. Not 100% certain I set the white pieces in the pot properly but the pants are thriving so hope it’s a good sign.

  145. BreKean Featherstone Verified Buyer

    I’m really glad I added this to my order.

  146. Cindy R. Verified Buyer
  147. Cindy R. Verified Buyer
  148. Zakia Verified Buyer
  149. Victoria Beckman Verified Buyer
  150. Ilona Verified Buyer
  151. Austin Verified Buyer
  152. Cindy R. Verified Buyer
  153. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  154. Nancy S. Verified Buyer

    Watering system makes caring for the palm so easy.

  155. Lisa Bing Verified Buyer

    Received plant only a week ago and haven’t had much experience with the benefits of the irrigation yet.

  156. Shannel Verified Buyer

    Sure help rid of the guessing game of “is it wet or dry?”. So very happy with the help of the PlantAssure.

  157. Colleen Verified Buyer

    I purchased 2 other plants and those get a 5 rating. They did super through the delivery. More than all of this, I want to commend you on your outstanding customer service. Sue was the person I dealt with the entire time. She was amazing to work with. She followed the delivery, provided instructions, and then followed up to see how things were coming along. I will recommend you guys to anyone that wants some amazing plants. I look forward to ordering some for myself at home now. Thanks so much Sue Waltzer. Your amazing!

  158. Sarah Arvanites Verified Buyer
  159. Ann R. Verified Buyer
  160. Steven Zielinski Verified Buyer
  161. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  162. James Harrity Verified Buyer
  163. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    This appears to be working very well, glad I got it!

  164. Hanane Boned Verified Buyer
  165. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  166. Pamela G. Verified Buyer

    Still trying to figure it out. A bit complicated, and once the tree is in its container, I’m hoping the watering will be easy.

  167. Derek Verified Buyer
  168. HEATHER P. Verified Buyer

    So far, so good! Purchased this with a plant so it came ready to use.

  169. Steven C. Verified Buyer

    Previously reviewed

  170. Cindy R. Verified Buyer
  171. Jessica Berkheimer Verified Buyer
  172. ColleenRose Verified Buyer

    couldn’t have had a better experience…I am so grateful for all the advice and customer service…one of the fiddle leaf fig trees was a gift and she hasn’t stopped telling how much she loves it…the rest of her office is in awe and planning on ordering as well…thank you so much!!

  173. Steven C. Verified Buyer

    Previously reviewed this item

  174. Steven C. Verified Buyer

    Simple to set up and use. It’s great to be able to extend the time in between watering.

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