It’s a 10 out of 10!

It’s a 10 out of 10!

Some of our customers took the time to email us with their thoughts on the latest green installations in their homes and offices. Here is what they said.

Susan in CA-  Neanthebella Palm ” Oh, Sue” she emailed in. ” It is a Perfect Plant!!”

Lisa Cane

Barb in ID – Lisa Cane “Happy, happy now!!”

Rhapis Palm

Tatiana in CA – Rhapis Palm “My plant is absolutely beautiful, and I hope to take care the right way this time as I just killed my previous one.”


Nancy in MI- Giganta “It is gorgeous. I have a black thumb, so I pray I don’t kill it. It has the sub irrigation system. I love it!”

Bamboo Palm

Martin in GA – Bamboo Palm “Here’s a photo of my bamboo palm in my home office. We love it!”

Bamboo Palm

Jim in MD Bamboo Palm “After 20 months and still going strong!”  

Derek in AK- Lyrata “The plant made it to Kodiak yesterday on a sunny and balmy almost 60 degree

day, which was well timed. Thank you so much for the moss which was a great addition and the soil sleuth,

which I expect will be helpful keeping it going!