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This exceptional palm is used worldwide and delivers elegance, beauty, and versatility to any interior setting.  The Rhapis excelsa, simply known by its genus as the Rhapis Palm, and is sometimes called the Lady Palm, grows fan-shaped leaves from multiple woody stems and can take significant vertical space without spreading too wide.  It is a very slow grower and takes years to bring to marketable size making it one of the more expensive of our offering.  It can tolerate some lower light levels, but put it near a window in some filtered light and it will add a tropical feel to a room for years.

Plant Details

Size 2-3', 3-4', 4-5'
Difficulty Moderate Care Level
Light Low Light, Medium Light
Pet Friendly This plant is safe for pets

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Looking for a touch of the tropics in your home or apartment?  Order up one of our Rhapis Palm, pour your favorite island drink, and enjoy.  Here are some helpful hints on keeping your Lady Palm in great shape for years to come:


While the Florida– and Hawaii-grown Rhapis may differ somewhat in their water-holding capacity, they share the same characteristic – they like an evenly moist root zone.  It should be watered thoroughly, around the entire soil surface, and watered again when the soil feels dry.  We’ll add further that, if left to dry-down too much, the lead (apical) buds on the stems can be lost pretty quickly; so, do NOT let it dry down completely – this could kill your very valuable palm.  Make sure you check it weekly during the first 8 weeks after you get it.  See our watering guide for more information.


While this palm has good tolerance for lower light levels, it thrives in moderate and filtered light.  So, good filtered natural light or bright florescent light will keep this palm growing strong.


Like other plants right out of nursery production, you won’t need to feed this palm for at least 6 months after you get it.  That’s because there is residual nutrients in the soil from when the palm was being propagated.  After 6 months, it can be fed quarterly with a complete fertilizer formulated for interior plants.  Please refer to our plant nutrition guide for details.


A occasional wipe down with a damp cloth will keep your Rhapis looking good. However, a big palm with multiple stems and plentiful leaves can be a challenge to clean.  While we still prefer a cleaning regimen with water and a light soap solution, it would be okay to break out the feather duster on this plant.  Make sure your feather duster is clean though – it’s a primary way to get bugs from one plant to another.


The older leaves on the Rhapis Palm may turn yellow and brown.  No sweat…just prune off the leaf as close to the stem as possible.


The biggest bug problem for this palm is scale.  They’ll show up as little brown bumps on the underside of the leaves and can be wiped off.  Because scale insects form a waxy proactive coating over their bodies, you will need to apply a little more pressure to dislodge the little boogers from their happy little spot on the underside of the leaves.


Give it a little light, keep the soil moist, and you should be in pretty good shape.

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Rhapis Palm

(35 Reviews)
  1. Marcus Verified Buyer

    So green!

  2. Ylda Huther Verified Buyer

    Great service and great quality!!!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you and we’re glad you’re happy with your new friend!

  3. Stephanie Verified Buyer
  4. Cheryl Pappa Verified Buyer

    My Rhapis palms came securely packed, I received a how to unbox my palm, which I followed to a T, and my palms came out prefect, healthy, shinny, and BEAUTIFUL!! I love them

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      The photos you sent are beautiful! I’m so glad you’re happy with them.
      Thanks – Sue

  5. Frederick Verified Buyer
  6. Cruz Reyes Verified Buyer
  7. Daniel Verified Buyer

    As we now expect from Plantz, this came well packaged and very healthy. Exactly what you’d hope for. A full, tall, healthy plant.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks Daniel! We hope you’re enjoying all your green friends!

  8. Gwendolyn Bryant Verified Buyer
  9. Massimo Verified Buyer

    I am so pleased with my purchases!!! This is the second Rhapis Palm I ordered within two weeks of each other. I was giddy with excitement when I received the first one, exceeding my expectations – I immediately ordered a second one. The Rhapis Palms are not an inexpensive plant but worth every penny. The plants are stunning, vibrate, healthy and larger than I expected, the second one even bigger than the first one. I e-mail Sue at Plantz with some questions before and after my purchased and she was absolutely wonderful. She answered all of my questions in kind, well-thought-out details. I have been in the customers service industry for over 35 years, I very much appreciated her help; I felt like I was talking to an old friend, that is customer service at it’s finest. I did pay extra for 2-day shipping to cut back on the time of travel for the plants. They arrived in great condition. This was my first experience ordering from Plantz, I already have 3 more (for now) plants on my wish list; as soon as they are back in stock, I will be placing another order without hesitation.
    Some of the finest plants I have ever ordered on-line! Keep up the incredible work. Steve, I love your videos, your passion and your plants!!! Sue, thank you again!!!
    With gratitude,

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks for the great comments! We’re happy to help however you need it so please don’t hesitate to send me a note if you have questions. The crops are growing quickly so we should have any additions you need soon!

  10. Grace Verified Buyer

    Plant arrived healthy and beautiful

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks for letting us know!

  11. Mark D. Verified Buyer

    Slick ordering, smooth communication, on-time-delivery! Our plant arrived just as beautiful as the pictures.

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks for letting us know!

  12. Jerry S. Verified Buyer

    My plant sure did not look as nice as the plant shown on the Web Site! Also, would not pay extra again for expedited 1-3 business days shipping. Shipped on Tuesday arrived on Sunday!

    • Sue Waltzer

      I’ve contacted you via email to see if I can get a photo. Most times, they’re fuller and larger than the photo on the website but I’d like to see how it was delivered. I’ve also refunded you for the expedited shipping as it was shipped with the 3-day transit but it looks like it took 4 days to arrive so it has been calculated as regular ground/home transit.

  13. Chengcheng Verified Buyer

    The Rhapis Palm looks very healthy when I opened the package! I Love the delivery! This is my second time ordering from Plantz. The first one I got is Ficus Leaf Tree, after two years, the Ficus still remain healthy and pretty! The quality of their products are 5 stars and beyond! Plantz is a way to go!!!

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks for the great comments and we’re always so happy to help! If you need anything, please just let us know!

  14. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  15. Ashley P. Verified Buyer

    Appreciate the instructions on care and planting once we received the plant! Plant arrived in great condition. I will order from Plantz again:)

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks so much! I think you’ll be surprised at how well it does with so little care.

  16. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Beautiful plant, lush and vibrant. Hardly any damage from shipping. Packaged exactly like what was described in the unboxing video. Detailed information on caring for the plant. Very impressed with with quality and customer service.

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks! We’re so glad you’re happy with it!

  17. Oscar Trestini Verified Buyer

    Sue simply provides the best customer service and assistance

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thank you!! I have an amazing team that makes me look good!

  18. Linda Trisby Verified Buyer
  19. Kennith L. Verified Buyer

    My plants are absolutely beautiful and Sue is even more beautiful…She can teach a seminar on what great Customer Service looks like!

    • Sue Waltzer

      Well thank you! I have a pretty amazing team to help us all look good! We’re excited to see how M&D look in their new planters when they arrive!

  20. Jarrod Hartwig Verified Buyer

    Truly a great experience. Sue at Plantz was incredibly helpful during the ordering and shipping process. I ordered this beautiful Rhapsis Palm as a gift for my father and it arrived in excellent condition, carefully packaged. Will be ordering from Plantz again and recommend to others!

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thank you Jarrod. I’m so glad we were able to help!

  21. Gerald H. Verified Buyer
  22. Charles B. Verified Buyer
  23. Ann Verified Buyer

    excellent quality

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks Annie! I cannot wait to see the photos once you get the palms in place!

  24. Felix Muniz Verified Buyer
  25. Cindy Rullman Verified Buyer

    I received another beautiful, healthy plant.

  26. Vicki H. Verified Buyer
  27. BreKean Featherstone Verified Buyer

    The plant arrived in perfect condition and I sent a photo via Instagram of it in it’s new home.

  28. Victoria Beckman Verified Buyer

    Simply the most beautiful Palm EVER!!! I can’t even describe how this Palm brings me back to Hawaii and transformed my patio into a paradise!!!

  29. doug F. Verified Buyer

    Excellent healthy specimen

  30. Grace Lee Verified Buyer

    It was my first shopping at Plantz. I was so impressed with the beautiful and heathy plant and customer service. I got three plants this time, and I will meet Plantz again when I need more plants. Thank you so much!

  31. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  32. Rose Parker Verified Buyer

    My plant arrived perfectly packaged and it is beautiful! So green and healthy i will order more from Plantz.

  33. Brad Marko Verified Buyer
  34. JEREMY MORTON Verified Buyer

    The plant looks good but price was high and it was undersized at 4’10”

  35. Hue Verified Buyer
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