Bravo Tall Floor Planter



This contemporary styled, tall curvy floor planter is from the Bravo line – and it’s got impressive height.  It’s made with beautifully finished fiberglass with low-fossil-fuel resins, so it’s easy on the environment and stunning to the eye.  And it’s durable enough to use inside or outside.  Available in two sizes and a myriad of colors, and is a great finishing touch for your new plant.  These planters are custom coated per order and shipped separately from the plant to avoid damage.


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Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 16 in
Planter Size



Aquamarine (gemstone), Black (gloss), Black (matte), Black (Topo), Black Crater, Black Crater {Topo}, Blue Diamond (Gemstone), Bronze (metallic), Bronze {Burnished}, Burgundy (gloss), Burnt Copper (metallic), Charcoal, Charcoal (gloss), Charcoal (matte), Cobalt (gloss), Copper (metallic), Dark Sapphire (Gemstone), Eggplant (gloss), Expresso (matte), Expresso (metallic), Garnet (Gemstone), Gold Dust (metallic), Golden Bronze (metallic), Golden Quartz (Gemstone), Gray {Matte}, Grey {Gloss}, Grey {matte}, Gunmetal (metallic), Java (matte), Key Lime Green (gloss), Khaki (matte), Mountain Grey, Orange (gloss), Pearl (gloss), Pearlized Silver (metallic), Polar White, Red Clay Glaze (matte), Red Glaze (matte), Sapphire (Gemstone), Scarlet (gloss), Silver (metallic), Special Gold (Gemstone), Special Gold (metallic), Special Red (gloss), Steel {Burnished}, Sunrise (matte), Wheat (matte), White (gloss), White (matte)


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