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A Lady Palm in the Lone Star State

Bo just received his big and beautiful Hawaiin Rhapis Palm!

Also known as the Lady Palm, this bold beauty made it all the way to the Lone Star State of Texas straight from the islands of Hawaii!

Bo ordered the 14″ Rhapis for his home, and with medium light and frequent soil checks, this tropical tree will flourish.

He made sure to perfect his palm with a pretty planter (A Strong Clay Bottom Radius) and Fiberex American Moss.

We love the open space Bo chose for his plant, leaving plenty of room for Rhapis growth!

Bo sent us a picture and added, “She’s beautiful!  Thank you!”

Bo's 14" Rhapis Palm from PLANTZ
Bo’s 14″ Rhapis Palm from PLANTZ

We cannot wait to see the growth on these greens.