Plant Insights

Learn more about how to keep your beautiful indoor plants happy and healthy.

The PLANTZ team has put together some helpful information that you should be aware of before you purchase your very own indoor plant and insights on how to care for it. Check out the sections below to learn more!


Before You Buy

What should you know about indoor plants before you purchase one from Our Before You Buy page includes useful information on sizing the right plant to fit in the space that you intend for it, light requirements, irrigation set-up techniques, and tips on choosing the right planter.


Receiving Your Plant

You’ve ordered your plant and it has arrived on your doorstep… Now what?  Learn about shipping extremes, the initial watering, and tips for unboxing and styling set-upon our Receiving Your Plant page. Want to know how we pack your plant to keep it safe and sound while traveling to your doorstep? Check out our video on How We Pack Your Plant!


Care Tips

Here you will find tips for caring for your plant in its new home. Learn more about light requirements, watering, and much more helpful information from our plant care technicians.