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Gift Plant

Here are a few things you should know about giving the gift of PLANTZ.

Plants are a great way to say “welcome to your new home” or “thanks for _______________” (fill in the blank), or even just to brighten someone’s day. Whatever the occasion, PLANTZ makes it easy to put some green in a besties’ scene with just a few clicks.

When sending a plant to a friend or family member, you’ll have a few options:

First, select “this order is a gift”.

Second, if you want it to be a surprise, select “this order is a surprise”. We know it’s exciting to think about delivering a big box of green out of the blue to a loved one, but making it a “surprise” comes with some extra precautions – The recipient will obviously not know it’s coming and therefore can’t be prepared to receive it. This could mean the package sits on a too-hot or too-cold doorstep for too long and could ruin the plant. Or a nefarious green thumbed thief could pluck it from its intended recipient. So, selecting the “surprise” option comes with a little extra risk you’ll take on in processing the order.

If you do not select “this order is a surprise” AND you enter the recipient’s email address, the soon-to-be plant parent will get a head’s up that you think enough of them to send a plant and they will get a shipping notice and post-delivery assistance from the PLANTZ team. This is the recommended method to send a gift plant and, although it takes the surprise out of getting it delivered, it dramatically increases the chances your gift plant will be a long-lasting member in its new home. Your call though.

Lastly, if you’d like us to include a hand-written gift card with the plant delivery, please include that in “order notes”.

We hope this enhances your plant-giving experience!