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Two Kentia Palms

Kentia Palms are the perfect tropical, yet elegant plant for any Florida home!

Danielle decided to place a Kentia on either end of her TV, adding a fresh flare to her family room.

These palms thrive in medium lighting, so they do not require as much sun as some of our other palms, so they will thrive in this space.

Danielle went with the 10″ grow pots for her Kentias, a great size for this space, not to mention they will continue to grow! She also picked two Pheonix Cylinder Planters in the color black.

Kentia Palms
Two 10″ Kentia Palms in Black Phoenix Cylinder planters

We love the look and we cannot wait to keep up with the Kentias!

Danielle displays her palms and says, “Our palms are here and just gorgeous! The setup was pretty easy. Thank you!”