Top Plantz for Apartments

Top Plantz for Apartments

From making a living space feel more alive and welcoming to purifying the air, there are many compelling reasons to introduce live plants in your home. At times, keeping up with plants can be difficult. Making sure they have the right amount of sunlight, watering, and timely maintenance can be time-consuming. Depending on your home, and especially an apartment, these circumstances can become challenging. If you are considering adding beautiful plants inside your apartment but are worried about the results, PLANTZ has you covered! Plants such as the Lisa Cane, Ficus Lyrata, Areca Palm, and Sansevieria are some great options for apartment plants. They are easy-care and can transform your next space into something amazing – and we’ll ship them right to your doorstep.

Lisa Cane:

If you have limited space in a tiny apartment, the Lisa Cane is going to be your best friend. These plants require a minimal amount of maintenance and are great performers in low-light conditions. It has an array of beautiful strap-like leaves that are deep, deep green and the stems are green too.

At full length, the Lisa Cane grows to be beautiful and tall, but it is not as wide. Stick this in the corner or a tight spot, and watch this plant work its magic! This makes a perfect fit for your small indoor space and for someone who is a new plant lover.

Ficus Lyrata:

The Ficus Lyrata or the Fiddle Leaf Fig, has become the most popular plant in today’s plant-loving community. With large “fiddle” shaped leaves, these plants are the perfect statement piece and will be the envy of the apartment building. These plants require a good amount of bright light, so place them in a room that has direct sunlight, and they will grow beautifully. What is amazing about the Ficus Lyrata is that it is available in three different heights and two styles (tree form and bush). When figuring out what plants to put where in an apartment, having size options can really help make the right “fit”.

Areca Palms:

If you have an apartment that is constantly experiencing bright sunlight, this is the plant for you. Also known as the Butterfly Palm because of its arching yellowish-green fronds (fronds are just leaves in palm language), this becomes a centerpiece of your space. Even though it thrives better indoors, this beautiful plant will work perfectly fine in a well-lit apartment that has enough space for it to grow to its potential. The Areca Palm is also becoming more and more popular for cleaning the indoor air around you. It’s a 2 for 1 – You get a beautiful plant and an air purifier all in one; you can’t beat it!

Snake Plants:

Snake plants are one of the most people-tolerant plants out on the market. They will give your apartment some desired greenery without being high maintenance. You can ignore them for weeks without losing their shape and beautiful look. Snake plants can strive in environments that are in low light and on a minimal amount of water. It becomes a perfect plant for those who tend to forget things!

The Snake Plant or “Sansevieria” is highly ranked in NASA’s guide for filtering out air pollutants. Get one of these carefree oxygen machines – it’ll work on cleaning your indoor air, and you won’t have to work on keeping it alive.

Picking the perfect plant can be a difficult process because of the variability of factors that certain plants desire. Finding the right plant for the right space in your apartment can be tricky, but PLANTZ has it covered! With these four plants, your apartment will transform into something beautiful and the envy of your friends.

And if caring for any of these plants has you completely freaked out, don’t worry because PLANTZ has a team of post-sale plant experts to help you. We’ve even got the most stressful plant care element figured out…watering. For any plant maintained indoors, here’s really all you need to know: PLANTZ Watering Guide.
These plants would make wonderful additions to your apartment, but does the idea of dragging them to your building and up flights of stairs sound terrible? Don’t worry! At, you can order your new indoor plants, containers, and accessories online and have them shipped straight to your door! Visit our online shop to order your plants today!