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The Art Deco PLANTZ

Art Deco is not as commonly known by the average joe when it comes to interior design, but it is a truly intriguing design style to say the least. Art Deco is a true nod to the Roaring Twenties. Think Great Gatsby extravagance with a slightly more modern twist. A specific definition of the Art Deco design is the period of time between the two world wars, being a time in history that was characterized by technological advances and a high importance to self-expression and individuality. There truly are not many rules to this style but to Go Big or Go Home.

Color Coordination

So, what are the elements needed to accomplish the bold Art Deco look that will have all of your guests in awe of your design abilities… COLOR COLOR COLOR. Be bold and do not shy away from color. Color is one of the most important aspects of Art Deco because it is a way to truly express oneself. The options are honestly endless, the trick though is to limit color to three or four different shades and from there incorporate them into your design. What better way to add color than with plants! Lucky for you PLANTZ is not limited to your stereotypical green plants, the green variations are endless, and we even have a pink plant, the Dracaena Marginata Colorama for the truly bold individuals seeking out the Art Deco elements. Try out this pinkish plant and then add in other colors through varying décor to really elevate your Art Deco vibe to the next level.

Another thing you can consider is adding your color into the home via planters! Getting a bold colored pot can really add to that next level of color to spice up the room. Use this as an opportunity to have your pot contrast your plant. If your plant is a dark green color, pick something that contrasts that while still looking elegant. This will give you the true Roaring Twenties feeling.


The next thing commonly overlooked that you should consider is shape within the room. The shape of furniture, décor, and your plants can really attribute to the vibe of this style. An elegant shape is the name of the game, so elegant can also attribute sometimes to that classic feeling. If you are looking to go the classic route, our suggestion would be an Areca Palm. A distinguishable, yet timeless plant that will standout while still being commonly recognizable and something nostalgic and familiar!

Another option if you want to be a tad more individualistic is the ZZ Plant. The ZZ Plant also known as Zamioculas zamiifolia, has a very unique shape that differs greatly from the Areca Palm. This plant will certainly get your guest asking about it and inquiring what type of plant it is. What is great about the ZZ Plant too, it is very low maintenance. It has much less of a need for water, light, and human attention than some of our other plants require, so if you are new to the plant world, or just too much of a busy bee for the responsibility, this guy is for you.  The ZZ Plant has long leaves that produce leaflets that are thick and shiny and can resemble certain holly leaves, so this one sure is unique and screams Art Deco aesthetics.

The next to thing about with shape is your planter shape. What will make a unique impression and standout? There are so many ways to go about this but when it comes to shape you have some blatant options… Sharp edges or rounded. For the softer art deco vibe, might we suggest a Strong Clay Cylinder planter. This planter although rounded off has a strong presence in a room due to the material it is and the variety of colors you can get the planter in. The clay stone is sure to make a bold statement when it comes to planter choices and material is a real upside in this scenario.

Another option is harsher edges with a stronger presence. Any square planter will make a statement of authority and traditional with its sharp edges and sleek design. This is another instance where you can play with different styles and colors as well as long as you have those stark edges.

Oversizing the Style

The final thing to discus when it comes to Art Deco is oversized pieces. Embrace the retro vibe with some larger pieces to accent your design. Bring in the largest plants you can find. Consider a Rhapis Palm to fill space in a room and make everything appear grander. When we think Great Gatsby, we think of his extravagant parties and larger than life attitude, this can all be translated into physical objects within a home.

A Parlor Palm is another large classic that really can make you feel transported into another era. A fuller version of its cousin the Bamboo Palm but similar in look and shape makes this plant a truly classic beauty. A true ode to an era throwback since it was actually one of the first plants to be cultured for use inside homes and places of business during Victorian times makes us wanted it in the Art Deco style even more. The Parlor Palm was also rated by NASA as one of the top 50 indoor plants that clean the air, which is another plus to this being an addition to your new home design. Both of these plants will leave your guest with a larger than life and lasting impression.

Do not forget when styling your home in the Art Deco fashion to use not only bold colors but a variety of geometric patterns, since this is truly a staple in the Art Deco design. This interior décor design is not for the faint hearted and words that should scuttle through your mind when designing should be bold, opulent, and daring. If you think in that mannerism you are guaranteed to knock the Art Deco style out of the park! Good luck!




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