New Year, New Plants With Plantz!

New Year, New Plants With Plantz!

The beginning of each year is a time when many people make resolutions to improve their lives. So why not include plants in those resolutions? They definitely improve our lives, after all. Plants enhance people’s moods, make them calmer and more creative, and help clean the air we breathe. Plus, they can transform the decor of our living and workspaces, both inside and outside. Letting more plants into your life is a worthy resolution for anyone trying to add positivity to their surroundings.

Of course, the term “more plants” will have different meanings for different people. You might be starting from scratch, with no idea what to do and no experience taking care of one. You might have some of the basics down and are finally ready to try something a little more challenging. Or you might be considered an expert plant parent and want to see what’s out there that you haven’t tackled yet. Whatever your skill level there are plants that are right for you and plant-related activities you haven’t tried yet. All it takes is an open mind and a little guidance. As long as you have an interest, Plantz can take care of the rest.

How Green is Your Thumb?

For detailed information to take your plant parenthood to the next level tomorrow, you have to determine how much you know today. Here are a few levels of plant experience:

Absolute Beginner

New plant parents might be intimidated by the idea of caring for a different species that depends on you for everything. While some people seem to know everything about plants, maybe you can’t tell a Palm Tree from a Peace Lily. You don’t have a green thumb; you’re all thumbs. Should you even try to adopt plants?

The answer is yes, absolutely! At Plantz, we know that there’s a plant for everybody. No matter how inexperienced you are, or how challenging it might seem, there’s a plant you can care for, help thrive, and reap the benefits of the interaction. It’s just a matter of knowing how to start, and finding the right species to meet your needs and skill level.

Plant care – Your plant will need water and sunlight; those things are non-negotiable. But how much water and how much sunlight will depend on what type of plant you get. For a beginner, you’ll want a hearty plant that’s very forgiving when it comes to both. If you forget to water sometimes, it’s not the end of the plant. If it doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, it’s okay. In fact, some plants don’t want a lot of water and do just fine in conditions with very little light.

In many cases, new plant parents go wrong by overwatering, and exposing a plant to more light than it needs. It’s important to know as much as possible about your new plant, and care for it accordingly.

Starter plants – You can’t go wrong with a Sansevieria or a Ficus elastica. But don’t be intimidated by their official names. You probably know them as a Snake plant or a Rubber plant, so keep it simple and try one of these forgiving species. Light and water needs are minimal, and they’ll still thrive if you’re not perfect with your schedule. There are other good starter plants as well, but it’s good to stick to a common species that will help you learn the ropes and not worry too much about failure.

Share! If you’re new to plant care, feel free to share. Take photos of their growth and share your progress and experiences on social media. You’ll let people know about your new hobby, and you’re bound to learn that you’re not alone. Acquaintances, friends, and even family might reveal that they also love plants, and they’ll probably be happy to share their own tips. You’ll improve your life with a new activity, and you’ll learn something about the people you thought you already knew. You can make new friendships and enhance the ones you already have by sharing your new love for plants. It’s a win/win for everybody, including the plant!

Intermediate Plant Parents

Some people are well past the beginner stage and know how to care for their plants. But they’re not exactly experts, either. Somewhere in between, these plant parents have the experience to know more than the basics, but not enough to tackle the most difficult plant challenges. What’s right for them?

Get in a routine – The journey from beginner to intermediate begins with a healthy plant care routine. Instead of reminding yourself to water a plant, give it extra nutrients, or check the leaves, a care routine makes these things second nature. They happen as part of your week, so you don’t really have to think about them. You enjoy checking in with your plants, and eventually, you won’t need outside reminders at all. Part of your schedule includes time with your plants and making sure they have what they need. It becomes automatic and shows you’ve graduated to a new level of plant parenthood.

Take on a new challenge – When you first started caring for plants, you probably ruled out a few species that seemed too demanding or complicated to handle properly. You weren’t in a position to handle their requirements and didn’t have the confidence that you could help them thrive.

But that was then. Now you have more experience, and those beautiful species that you thought were too much for you are still there, waiting for you. Why not take on a new species or two that require a little more work, but have a look that you’d love to have in your home or workspace?

Philodendrons have a sharp tropical look that can upgrade the look of any area, but they aren’t set-it-and-forget-it plants. They need special attention with regard to pruning and you’ll want to watch out for pests. Philodendrons should also be kept away from children and pets who might want to eat their leaves.

Weeping figs are a bold-looking floor plant that also provides a moderate challenge to thrive. They need a good amount of indirect light and should be placed in soil that drains well. They like to stick to a watering schedule and benefit from regular fertilizer. And moving them around is a bad idea: If your weeping fig’s leaves start dropping, you’ll need to adjust your care to revive it. They might be a little more work, but it’s a good challenge for an intermediate plant parent.

Join a group! Getting involved in a plant community is a great way to meet other people at your skill level and see what challenges they’re trying. You’ll discover plants you never considered, and the support to keep adding new plants to your collection. And over time, you might just find yourself getting to an expert level of plant care.

Plant Parent Pros

You’ve tackled many different plant species with great results, and you know how to revive a plant that needs special care. You’ve even developed an eye for decoration and can find the right plant for the right space. What’s left for you? Plenty, if you’re willing to get creative.

Plants as art – Not all plants are confined to the area near their grow pot. Given enough room and guidance, they can climb and grow to really take over a space in a beautiful way. A Golden pothos, for example, can grow down the side of a bookcase or a desk, or drop down toward the floor from a hanging pot. You can also use a trellis to guide and shape where it goes, using your walls as additional space. It takes special care and a specific plan for the area, but you’re only limited by your creativity and how much of a statement you want to make artistically.

Try tougher plants – For a worthwhile challenge, you can also try a Zebra plant, which catches the eye with its white-steaked leaves and yellow blooms. It needs plenty of indirect light, but not direct light. It requires moist soil, but the pot has to drain well to avoid root rot, and you need to avoid getting water on its leaves. Also, it needs enough humidity that regular misting or a humidifier might be necessary. It’s not for beginners, but a Zebra plant can thrive when maintained in the hands of an expert. Or, if another challenging plant catches your eye, give that a shot. Keep testing yourself and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with your plant collection.

Share the love – Are there beginners in your circle of friends and family that might benefit from your expertise? Do you know someone who needs the mental and emotional benefits plants can provide? Does someone need a change of scenery, new décor, or could use fresher air in their living or workspace? You can use what you know to help others.

Encourage people in your life to learn more about plants, or offer to help introduce them to an interest that gives back on many levels. A simple gift (haven’t plants always been great gifts?) could be just the thing to put them on a positive lifelong journey, and with your advice and help they’re almost assured of success. Using what you know to instill an interest in others is a wonderful way to keep the love of plants thriving, and you might even help turn beginners into experts someday. Your Partner at All Stages

At, we have decades of experience caring for, selling, maintaining, and delivering the very best plants to our dedicated customers. But most of them don’t have (or need) our level of knowledge. They have us to assist them with their needs every step of the way.

For beginners, we can answer any questions you have and get you started on the road to plant parenthood with hard-to-kill starters that will help increase your love for plants. We’ll help you pick the species for you, and send them to you quickly and safely, with careful packaging so you’re ready to go right out of the box.

For intermediate plant parents, we can help you get to the next level with an assortment of plants that will provide some challenges, and reap some great benefits once they’re thriving in your home or workspace. We can recommend and send the right plant for you to up your skills and care, and improve your décor at the same time.

For experts, we have the right plants to let your creative mind flow and really stretch out your knowledge base so you can expand your area with plenty of lush, green additions. We can answer expert questions and make the right suggestions for your individual needs. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish, can get you set up with everything necessary to accomplish your new goals. And, over time, if you have more questions or need suggestions, we’re here to help.

We also have a wide selection of accessories and tools to help you get the look you want from your plants, and keep them thriving over time. From planters and moss to enhance the look of your species in your home or workspace, to liquid plant food to provide the nutrition your plant needs, we’ll provide the assets required for plant parents to thrive in their journey along with their selections.

Additionally, the PlantAssure system provides sub-irrigation technology to extend and perfect your plant’s watering interval, and help you avoid the pitfalls associated with overwatering or underwatering. Whether you’re concerned about making a mistake, or you have more experience but want to save yourself some time, the PlantAssure system can help provide some stability and security in a critical area for plant health. And the Soil Sleuth can help you check your plant’s soil with precise accuracy, ensuring it has the right level of moisture for that species. With our expertise and tools, you’ll be in great shape to take advantage of everything plants can offer your space.

If you have questions, we can help. Just use our contact form to get the conversations started!