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Indoor Plants: Healthier Living from A to Z!

Between working, sleeping, cleaning, driving, and relaxing, it’s estimated that Americans now only spend about 10 percent of their time on average outdoors. That number is tiny. Because of this restriction from the fresh air of the outside world, it’s becoming more and more important that the air we breathe inside is fresh and pure of toxins. Architectural design hasn’t exactly caught up with the science involved here, meaning that most ventilation systems in buildings aren’t equipped to handle the kind of circulation needed to purify the air and prevent our large swathes of inside time from being potentially harmful.

Enter the hero of our story: the humble indoor plant. The presence of indoor plants in an environment has been proven in study after study to have massive benefits, including boosting happiness, and of course, filtering out some of those harmful elements of the air. The reason that plants are able to clean the air like this is because they take in dangerous airborne toxins and chemicals and, in their place, produce oxygen. Indoor plants have also been proven to reduce stress, reduce the growth of airborne bacteria, and boost focus and concentration by helping keep a steadier, cleaner supply of oxygen available. Just about all plants can accomplish these things to some degree or another in your home, but some plants are specialists, and are great starter plants if you’re wanting to kickstart your path to a healthier, happier life with plants.

If you’ll pardon the pun, we’re going to go over two plants today, the areca palm and the ZZ plant, and how they illustrate that plants can bring you healthier living from A to Z, no matter who you are!

The Areca Palm– The areca palm, otherwise known as the Butterfly Palm, Party Palm, or the Dypsis lutescnes, can thrive inside if they’re kept in direct sunlight. It’s one of the highest rated plants in for filtering out toxins and pollutants from the air because of its high rate of transpiration. Basically, transpiration is a plant’s process of evaporating water out on the surface of its leaves in order to cool itself down and trap foreign particles inside. This, in tandem with being a more affordable plant and a relatively easy one to take care of, makes it a favorite for novice plant parents and long-time botanists alike!

The ZZ Plant– So let’s say that you’re willing to start out with something a little less about perfectly pure air and a just a little more people-proof. Well, the Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or ZZ plant for short, is probably for you! It’s often affectionately called the “EZ-ZZ”, and the reason for that is pretty straightforward: the ZZ plant is one of the downright easiest plants to keep alive for first-time plant parents. These little guys are tough! They can live just fine in both low-light and high-light areas and they don’t need nearly as much water or attention as other plants. Best of all, it may not be the best green friend you can pick up for air purifying, but the ZZ plant is still proven to make a huge difference on the quality of your indoor air!

At PLANTZ, we firmly believe that there is an indoor plant out there for every kind of person. If you want more information, be sure to contactthe PLANTZ team today to learn more about what other kinds of indoor plants you can bring to brighten up your home and your life! If you would like to look around yourself and see what your options are, and maybe have one or two shipped straight to your door, don’t forget to visit our storetoday!