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A Happy and Healthy Plant!

Cindy Suveg recently ordered a Fiddle Leaf Fig from PLANTZ.com and noticed that it was beginning to droop after a few weeks. She contacted our team and we happily advised her on how to get her plant back to a healthy state.

Cindy had this to say about her experience with PLANTZ:

“Plantz rocks – seriously!!  I ordered a Ficus Lyrata and it arrived in beautiful condition.  Unfortunately within a couple of weeks it was drooping. Fortunately, Sue from Plantz had contacted me to check in on how the plant arrived so I had her contact information to follow-up.  I sent her a picture of the Ficus and she was able to diagnose the problem right away (I was not using the irrigation system properly so the Ficus was not getting enough water).  The Ficus is doing beautifully now and is very easy to maintain.  Plantz is my new go-to; the customer service is simply exceptional!”

We’re so happy to hear that your plant is doing well again, Cindy!

Spencer (Cindy’s Son) and Molly