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Freshening Up for Spring with Indoor Plants

As the weather continues to break record highs here in Florida, there is no doubt that spring is on its way. While nature is sending us the signal that it is time to reboot, refresh, and reenergize as the seasons change outside, we should also be looking for ways to bring this freshness indoors.

Indoor plants are a great way to bring bright, spring-filled cheer into your home for a wonderful seasonal revamp. Here are just a few of our favorite green friends:

  • ZZ Plant – Loved by many for its ability to thrive in virtually any home, apartment, or dorm room, the ZZ Plant does not require nearly as much water, light, or human attention as its fellow members of the Araceae family. This plant actually only requires watering every two months (in some cases). The ZZ Plant is known for its oval-shaped leaves, which have a shiny, waxy coating that make them resemble plastic. It isn’t uncommon for some people to think these gorgeous leafy plants are fake!
  • Neanthabella Palm – Native to the rainforests of Guatemala and southern Mexico, the Neanthabella Palm was actually one of the first plants to be cultured for use inside homes and offices due to their ability to perform well in low-light conditions. These hearty plants not only look great, but they have also been rated by NASA as one of the best indoor plants for removing chemicals and toxins from indoor air. Neanthabellas are smaller in stature, making them great additions to space-conscious homes or office spaces.
  • Giganta – If you are looking to brighten up a room with shades of green, the Giganta is a wonderful multi-trunked plant that does not reveal its brown canes; it actually appears to be virtually all variegated green and yellow foliage. While the Giganta does share some characteristics with it s relative the Corn Plant, these plants do not require much water or attention really. Simply place these plants in front of a nice window so that their natural variegation comes out, water it at least once month, clean when needed, and it should be a happy plant.
  • Monstera – If you are looking for a bit more of a tropical vibe as you dream of months to come, check out the Monstera. Naturally occurring in the tropical areas spanning from Mexico to Panama, the Monstera prefers to be in indoor areas with filtered sunlight but can also survive in relatively low-light conditions. Its heart-shaped, deep green leaves make a beautiful addition to larger indoor spaces.

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