Five of the Easiest Houseplants to Grow in Any Space

Five of the Easiest Houseplants to Grow in Any Space

Picking the right houseplant to go with your space is tricky enough. When making these decisions, choosing a plant that is also easy-care is a big factor as well. A plant that is beautiful and memorable, but also easy to take care of and not have to pay much attention to is the perfect combination for your next plant. Take a look at five of the easiest houseplants to grow in that spot you know just needs some green:


Being one of the most trendy and popular houseplants today, the Monstera is the perfect plant for any space. What makes these plants so popular is that they are known for their easy-care and they thrive more in most indoor environments. To help these plants thrive even more, place your Monstera near a window with bright indirect light, water it when it needs it (see our watering guide – for best results, and let the plant do the rest!

 ZZ Plant: 

Want a plant that barley needs light or water? The ZZ plant is your number one choice. This plant is great for those who tend to forget to water and give light to a plant. They are even known as drought-tolerant, so it becomes a perfect plant for forgetful plant parents. If you are a frequent traveler or need a plant to put in the corner of an office, the ZZ plant should be your first pick.


The Sansevieria or “snake plant” is one of the most unique looking plants. They are easy-care indoor plants that ask for nothing, but give you something beautiful to look at in return. These plants have water-storing rhizomes and succulent leaves which require very little watering and become adaptable to different living conditions they are placed in. Place these long, narrow plants on the table of your kitchen or on the floor of your living room and it will become memorable.


One of the most loved plants because of the numerous varieties, the Aglaonema is popular in businesses and houses with empty space to fill with this beautiful plant. Don’t let the size of these plants intimidate you because they are actually very easy to take care of. They can go weeks between watering and can be sustained for long periods with indoor lighting. Place this amazing plant by a window and have a plant friend for a long time!

Plants can take a lot of effort to take care of. Making sure you’re watering and giving enough sunlight to your plants can be a hassle at times or you become forgetful. If you don’t want to deal with these issues, check out these houseplants that are the easiest to take care of! Put them in any space you wish and watch them grow! Check out for your next easy houseplant.