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Burbank Beauties

PLANTZ recently delivered two Areca Palms to Burbank, California!

Valentina chose two 10″ Arecas to perfect her space, and the symmetry is on point.

Speaking of symmetry, Areca’s are also known as Butterfly Palms for their beautiful arching fronds. They do best in bright filtered light, but we will let this pretty patio slide just once.

Valentina is a Plantz veteran, these palms are the newest additions to her plant party.

She shared a photo of her palms with our care expert, Sue, with the caption,

“Sending you a picture of our new Areca Palms 🙂 They are beautiful!  We love them!! It’s always a pleasure writing and hearing back from you!”

10" Areca Palm
Two 10″ Areca Palms outside in Burbank, CA