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Are you “Watering” your plants correctly?

We really are not just watering our plants. What we really are doing is adjusting the soil moisture with water and sometimes nutrients.

When Should I Water My Plant?

When it’s dry and needs it! Seriously. That’s it. It’s not some preconceived time interval like many overzealous plant parents think. The span of time between when the soil is moist and when it is dry depends on a lot of variables.

Soil Probe Is The Way To Go

For reliable results every time use a soil probe. It is a physical device that you push down into the soil, into the rootzone and pulled back up to expose relative amounts of moisture at different depths. It’s simple and works every time.

How To Water Correctly

Get a watering can with a strong handle and spout. Start pouring the water at some designated point then consistently pour water around the entire perimeter of the plant – either turning the plant or moving around it to ensure thorough coverage. Continue doing this until you see water leaking from the holes in the bottom. That’s it. Now wait to do this again until… Guess what? THE SOIL IS DRY AGAIN!


In conclusion it is a pretty simple process to keep your plants growing and glowing! Don’t overthink It and remember to water it when… WHEN IT’S DRY! Have you been “watering” your plants correctly?