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Sansevieria Zeylanica

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The only thing ranked lower than a Sansevieria on a “care difficulty” scale is a pet rock!  Sometimes called a Mother-in-Law Tongue plant or a Snake Plant, these Sansevieria need very, very little care.  This line of plants is native to arid regions of Africa and southeastern Asia and really thrive in dry soil conditions.  They only need to be watered about once a month…seriously.  The Sansevieria is highly ranked in NASA’s guide for filtering out air pollutants.  Get one of these care-free oxygen machines – it’ll work on cleaning your indoor air, and you won’t have to work on keeping it alive.

The Sanseverira (sometimes called “Sans” for short), is available in 2 sizes and a couple different varieties.

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Check out this video to learn more about the Sansevieria from our plant specialists.

Read below for more information on caring for your new plant.


Our Sansevieria does great in a variety of light conditions and it’s likely the easiest houseplant for a forgetful plant parent.  There’s really not much to it, but here are some tips to keep it growing:


Wet it and forget it – for up to a month!  Seriously, this plant really thrives in dry soil and needs an occasional good dose of water – so, make sure the soil dries out between waterings.   See our watering guide for more information.


This native of Africa and southern Asia thrives in bright light, but it can be maintained in medium- and low-light conditions for a long, long, time.


The Sansevieria will not need to be fed during the first 6 months after it has shipped. During this time, it will use the residual nutrients from nursery production. After 6 months, it can be fed quarterly with a complete fertilizer formulated for interior plants. Please refer to our nutrient guide for details.


It’s a bit of an odd-ball plant with mainly leaves that are vertical to the floor and less likely to accumulate dust.  When it does get some dust, dirt, or anything else on it (that prevents the full availability of light from reaching the leaf surface), break out a towel and wet the towel with a light soapy solution and stroke both sides of the leaves with it.  Easy peasy.


Again, its odd growth habit makes it a lot different from most other houseplants.  Sometimes an older leaf will become yellow or brown.  When this happens, prune it all the back to at or below the soil level.  It’s important to get it all the way down and remove the entire leaf.


We’ve rarely seen an insect on Sansevieria.  Maybe a chance for mealybugs and scale.   If you see one, get out the soapy towel and wipe it off.


In good light, this plant will not give you any trouble – provided you water it occasionally.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 40 in



Laurentii, Zeylanica

34 reviews for Sansevieria Zeylanica

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  1. Gayla Wade (verified owner)

    The plant arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for all the effort your company puts forth to provide the customer with the best quality

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks for the great comments and if you need help, plesae just let me know!

  2. Marcus (verified owner)

    Ahhhh the Sansevieria Laurentii… I love this plant. It brightens up any room and demands so little in return. I have purchased several in the 14″ variety from and each time I am amazed by how full, healthy, and fresh they are when they arrive. The packing team does a great job to ensure safe and sturdy delivery and somehow they still get orders out quickly. Great customer service, excellent communication, and as always Sue is amazing!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks Marcus! We love all the photos you share with us and your new one will be shipping out this week!

  3. Rob (verified owner)

  4. Sharon L. (verified owner)

    The plant was even more lovely than I anticipated. Exactly what the space needed, and very healthy upon arrival. Time will tell, but I anticipate it remaining as such. Very pleased.

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks for letting us know! Please be sure to monitor the soil moisture down near the bottom of the growpot as this variety doesn’t need water as often as you’d suspect!

  5. Daniel H. (verified owner)

    Beautiful, full and packaged well for delivery across the country to CA. Sue and the team did great work again, as usual. Will definitely continue buying plantz!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thank you! Always happy to help when we can and really appreciate all the great photos (especially the ones with the boys in them!)

  6. Cheryl Conca (verified owner)

  7. Chris (verified owner)

  8. Karen B. (verified owner)

    Plant arrived safely despite snowy weather after ordering- obviously someone thought to check weather before shipping which was great!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Winter and summer do present many challenges when shipping live plants. Thanks for your patience in getting it!

  9. Jebby (verified owner)

    The Plant arrived without the pot that we purchased!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      We do not have an order for a planter for you but I’d be happy to help you select one if you’d like. I’ve sent you an email directly so please let me know if you’d like some help finding a planter for the sansevieria.
      Thanks – Sue

  10. Jackie M. (verified owner)

    I recently received my second order from Plantz (during severe weather in the NE). The plant was expertly packaged for safe passage and is equally stunning as the first. I had not intended to purchase a second plant but the first was so large, healthy and beautiful I decided to find a place for a second. More to follow, perhaps! I honestly would not buy an indoor plant anywhere else. I’ve been gardening with outdoor plants for 20+ years; Sue provides a wealth of helpful information for those of us adjusting to growing indoor plants with success.

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      A bit different growing indoor plants but you’re doing a great job! Let me know if you have questions as we’re all happy to help!
      Thanks – Sue

  11. Tonya (verified owner)

    Beautiful, healthy plant

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thank you! Enjoy!

  12. Rachel A. (verified owner)

    This snake plant is gorgeous!!!! I just love plantz!!! I can’t wait to order again!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks so much!

  13. patricia (verified owner)

    Healthy plant. Great instructions on how to care for the plant. I will buy from them again. No complaints. Great customer service.

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thank you!

  14. Rachel A. (verified owner)

    I just Love!!! You can’t get better quality and service! Shout out to Sue for helping me with my gorgeous new plants!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks Rachel! We’re happy to help however you need us!

  15. Zymeashia (verified owner)

    Always beautiful specimens, and Sue is the greatest!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks! The credit really goes to my awesome team!

  16. Elizabeth N. (verified owner)

    The plant arrived in great shape—even though the delivery person left the package (clearly marked which side was up) upside down! Plantz had clearly anticipated this might happened and the plant was well packaged and unharmed. Thank you!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks for letting us know and we’re sorry about the delivery! I will report this to FedEx.

  17. Jahleel D. (verified owner)

    Great Value

  18. Linda (verified owner)

  19. Lynne T. (verified owner)

    I won’t buy larger, statement piece plant from any other company! My Sansivieria is lovely but Fiddle Leaf 5 footer even lovelier! I was so impressed another was bought for a friend’s housewarming gift who absolutely loves hers! Sue from Customer Service is a dream to work with too!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks Lynne! We’re happy to help if you need us and appreciate your business!

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

  21. Elizabeth H. (verified owner)

  22. DIANNA (verified owner)

    Plant arrived healthy and was well package. Really happy with the ordering process. Will order from plantz again.

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks for letting us know and we’re so glad you’re happy with your new plant!

  23. Christa S. (verified owner)

    What a great plant! Traveled perfectly (even to Texas in July) and was tall and full, just like the photos. Never been a huge fan of snake plants, just wanted something tall and narrow. But this one is so healthy and substantial (10″ pot) – it’s pretty darn lovely!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Glad to hear that you’re happy with it. They’d probably be a bigger hit with everyone if they weren’t know as ‘snake plants’ or ‘mother in laws tongue’!

  24. Jasmine (verified owner)

    Great costumer service and plant came in great condition.

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thank you!!

  25. pj (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Beautiful plant, well packed and came quickly. Weill shop,you again soon!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks! You and Plisskin looked great in your photo!

  26. Crystal C. (verified owner)

    Plant is perfection. My experience with this company was amazing from start to finish. Quick and easy online checkout. Staff went above and beyond when I went to pick up my purchase. This company will be the only company I ever purchase plants from. Can’t wait for my next purchase.

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thank you!!

  27. Kevin (verified owner)

    Nice large plant which is hard to find in local nurseries of this height. Love it

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      We appreciate you letting us know that you’re happy with it!

  28. Valaida W. (verified owner)

    Probably going to be my go to plant for my darker areas.

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      It is one of the best options we have!
      Thanks – Sue

  29. Angelique C. (verified owner)

    I love my beautiful Sansevieria! I have a small collection and will continue purchasing from PLANTZ. The packaging and delivery was superb!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Thanks! You’ve done a great job with placement too!

  30. melissa clark (verified owner)

    Thank you for using FedEx it was early. Best plant purchase online ever!!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      We are so glad to hear it arrived early! We hope to see you again in the future!
      Thanks – Sue

  31. Joanne R. (verified owner)

    Beautiful many leaves

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Another great low light plant!
      Enjoy it!

  32. Patricia (verified owner)

    It’s great!

  33. Kirk (verified owner)

    These plants are beautiful. I wanted more mature plants and I got them!

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      Glad you’re happy with your plant! We’d love a photo if you’d like to share one with us!
      Thanks – Sue

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      We’re so glad you’re happy with your new plants! They definitely need to be mature and well rooted before we ship them as they would not do well during the shipping process if they were not.


  34. Mike Reed (verified owner)


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