Phoenix Square Planter


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This contemporary styled square planter is from the Phoenix line.  It’s made from 80% post-consumer waste materials, so it’s easy on the environment and easy on the eye.  Available in a variety of stunning colors, and can be an excellent fit for your plant.

Planters ship separately to avoid damage to plants or planters.



Customer Reviews for
Phoenix Square Planter

(16 Reviews)
  1. Eddie K. Verified Buyer

    Came in a matte finish and I thought I ordered the glossy finish. I’ll take the blame here as I may have ordered the wrong one.

    • Sue Waltzer

      I’m showing that this did have a gloss finish and will reach out to you for a photo of it. The generally don’t come in that shade in a matte finish so I’ll check your photo to see what happened!

  2. Tenaya Verified Buyer

    Love the planters. Excellent color that goes perfectly with my decor. Will order more. Wish I could share a photo. They’re gorgeous.

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks Tenaya! If you’d like to send me a photo, I can get it on the site with your comments.

  3. Michael Eaton Verified Buyer
  4. James Holderby Verified Buyer
  5. Pamela Vajda Verified Buyer
  6. Ronna W. Verified Buyer

    Nice but a little overpriced for what it is.

  7. Ronna Westland Verified Buyer

    I like these but they are incredibly expensive for what they are.

  8. Monica L. Verified Buyer

    Perfect size.

  9. Amber W. Verified Buyer
  10. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Nice, but perhaps a bit overpriced given that it is plastic.

    • Sue Waltzer

      The planters are made of consumer waste materials and are eco-friendly. They are custom coated per order and are one of the best for shipping as we rarely have any damage issues. Other items in ceramic are too fragile and very expensive to ship.

  11. HEATHER P. Verified Buyer

    A little bit lighter weight than expected, but the design is solid and the fit is perfect with the plant we purchased.

  12. Jacquie R. Verified Buyer
  13. Russell Verified Buyer
  14. Matthew Pike Verified Buyer
  15. Pauline Sampson Verified Buyer
  16. Ashley Mitnitsky Verified Buyer


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