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Mini Monstera

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Plant lovers are crazy for this Mini Monstera – although it’s really not a “Monstera”.  It’s from the same plant family – Araceae (commonly known as ‘Ariods), but the genus is different and it’s native to the other side of the world – Thailand and Malaysia.  The Mini Monstera is Rhaphidophora tetrasperma and shares many of the same characteristics of its Monstera cousin and it’s often called ‘Mini Split-Leaf’ and ‘Ginny Philodendron’.  Our version comes on a totem, allowing it to grow upwards (like it does in native forests) and show off the plant’s many interesting pinnate leaves.  It can be maintained in relatively low light, but prefers some filtered sunlight from a nearby window.

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The Mini Monstera, like its Philodendron cousins in the Araceae family (commonly know as ‘Aroids’), is pretty easy to get along with.  To keep its leaves glossy and shiny, here’s what you need to know:


This plant is a moderate drinker and can handle moist soil conditions (like the Monstera and other Araceae).  It can, however, go for 2+ weeks without watering with the proper sub-irrigation system, but we suggest you check it weekly during the first 6-8 weeks after you get it and during hot summer months. See our watering guide for more information.


Mini Monsteras thrive in medium to bright light, where the leaves will develop their characteristic heart shape and deep splits.  It can be sustained in low-light conditions, but it won’t do its leaf-split and climbing thing without good light.  Your best placement is near a window where the plant can get some sun light – east-, south- and west-facing windows are best.  Maintained as a floor plant (not allowing it to climb), it can easily be moved to and from a good light source.


Mini Monsteras likely will not need to be fed during the first 6 months after it has shipped. During this time, it will use the residual nutrients from nursery production. After 12 months, it can be fed quarterly with a complete fertilizer formulated for interior plants. If your Monstera is positioned on a porch in the south, it may need supplemental nutrition sooner than 12 months. Our Dyna-Gro plant fertilizer is a good companion to get with this plant.


With its smaller leaves, it’s still to clean. Simply wiping the leaves with a wet cloth usually does the trick. For spots where something else (besides dust) has landed on your plant, use a mild soapy solution to wet the cloth; then wipe.


Your Mini Monstera will already be “trained” on its totem.  To keep it growing “up” it will use its aerial roots and continue to climb.  New growth that emerges from the base of the plant should be physically attached to the totem with practically anything that will cause it to have contact with the totem.  Nursery tape, Zip ties, and even bread bag ties will work – just try to make it as inconspicuous as possible as not to detract from the overall aesthetic appeal.    Just remember, it will need good light to produce new and climbing growth.


Hardly a worry here, the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is not a big target for pests. Scale, mealy bugs, and mites sometimes jump on, but they’re easily controlled by wiping the infested area with a soapy solution. Keep a special eye out for spider mites though – they can do harm in pretty quick order.  It can take several intermittent cleanings to rid the plant of the pests.


Like other Aroids, the leaves and stems of the Mini Monstera are mildly toxic to animals (including humans), so do not ingest any part of the plant.  So, if you have a dog, cat, or horse, don’t let them ingest it.

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  1. Jesus J. (verified owner)

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    The plant didn’t travel so well 🙁 . Of course, it didn’t help that the FedEx delivery guy left the box upside down despite the “handle w/care” and “this way UP” stickers affixed to the box. In sum, a lot of foliage was lost and/or needed to be cut off. (Maybe more stickers instead of just 1 of each might help in the future!?!) That said, I’m extremely happy to report that after some much needed TLC and a sunny corner in one of my home’s rooms, the plant is doing great — thriving even! I’m even thinking of ordering another one.

    • Sue Waltzer (store manager)

      I will reach out to you via email to see how I can help. We did have a few orders delivered upside down over the holidays and have added some extra packaging material in case this happens. I’ll also alert our shipping crew to add some extra labels to see if that helps. It should slow down for FedEx a bit now that the holidays are over. I’ll be in touch shortly. Thanks for nurturing it back to health!

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