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Majesty Palm

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It’s reported that only about 900 Majesty Palms still exist in the wild on their native island of Madagascar, but they’re plentiful at PLANTZ.  Long cultivated for their graceful, arching fronds and deep-green leaflets, this palm has many characteristics similar to its Kentia Palm cousin.  Sometimes referred to as the Majestic Palm, it reaches marketable heights much faster than the Kentia and comes to you at a lower price point.  It’s a great tropical touch for rooms with bright light or flanking entrances to homes and hotels in northern climates during summertime.

The Majesty Palm is grown in Florida soils and available in 2 sizes.

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The Majesty Palm, or Revenea rivularis, is a native of Madagascar where it is now considered rare in the wild because most of the island’s original forest has been destroyed.  Lucky for us, though, it’s long been in cultivation in the USA as a houseplant and its popularity is on the rise.  Here’s how to keep yours in majestic condition:


Your Majesty Palm will enjoy an occasional thorough watering.  Like many houseplants, it likes moist conditions produced when it is watered thoroughly and then allowed to dry down, but don’t let it get “desert dry” – evenly moist is what you should be shooting for when checking with your soil probe.   See our watering guide for more information.


Although it can sustain some lower light conditions, it’s still a palm that needs good filtered and indirect sunlight to thrive.  Get it on a screened patio or near an east, south, or west window and it’ll continue to grow for a long time.


This palm, cultivated in Florida, will not need to be fed during the first 6 months after it has shipped. During this time, it will use the residual nutrients from nursery production. After 6 months, it can be fed quarterly with a complete fertilizer formulated for interior plants. Please refer to our nutrient guide for details.


Like its cousins – the Areca and Kentia Palms with long arching fronds with numerous leaflets – it can be a challenge to clean.  Fear not though – the fronds can be stroked from their base at the stem towards the apex with a damp cloth soaked in water and a light soap solution making sure to wipe both the top and bottom of the leaflets – and that’ll keep it clean and green.


When older fronds go off-color (a nice way of saying “yellow or brown”), they can easily be removed by cutting the entire leaf from the plant all the way back to a main stem.  Removing older “off-color” fronds will give your palm a nice upright posture and help push new growth from the apex.


Keeping it clean with a good wipe-down once a month will keep your Majesty Palm bug free.  Lacking a monthly cleaning, keep an eye out for spider mites setting up camp on the underside of the fronds and leaflets.  Again, if you see mites or their characteristic webbing under a leaf, break out the soapy towel and wipe it off.


This plant has no known toxicity issues for pets, so it’s considered ‘pet friendly’.


Just watch the tips of the leaflets – yellowing can indicate that you’re overwatering; brown tips can indicate you’re under-watering it.  In good light, this plant will thrive.

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7 reviews for Majesty Palm

  1. Luke Rizzuto III (verified owner)

    this thing is beyond huge, and full of healthy vegetation, jungle on its own

    • Sue Waltzer

      So glad you’re happy with it! We hope you have room for your new jungle plant!
      Thanks – Sue

  2. Kenneth B. (verified owner)

    Item arrive packaged very well and secure. Unfortunately the day after arriving the tips of the Palm began to turn yellowish brown, directions said this could happen and it should be fine. We are now about 10 days in and the yellowish brown has begun on all palms leaves so fingers crossed it can revive.

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thank you for letting us know. A nice bright window is very important for the Majesty Palm and it should rebound quickly if you’re able to move it to a south facing, unobstructed window. Be very careful about monitoring the watering needs down at the base of the plant where the roots are too.
      Thanks – Sue

  3. Jerri H. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with my Majesty Palm! Arrived in perfect condition and is exactly what I was looking for

  4. Ronnie Hirsch (verified owner)

  5. David (verified owner)

    Plant arrived well packaged and in good condition. Would recommend.

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks for letting us know!

  6. Anne (verified owner)

    Personal quality of the customer service is outstanding

    • Sue Waltzer

      We’re so glad we could help! Enjoy your new palm.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and in perfect condition

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thank you for letting us know. Enjoy!

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