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Foam Spacer


(36 Reviews)

A Foam Spacer is used in a professional plant set up to fill space between the outside of the grow pot and the inside of the (decorative) planter, and to provide support to top-dressing materials.

Customer Reviews for
Foam Spacer

(36 Reviews)
  1. Marcus Verified Buyer
  2. Marcus Verified Buyer
  3. Jeanine Szweda Verified Buyer
  4. Elaine N. Verified Buyer
  5. James Eagar Verified Buyer

    Almost too thin/small to put between planter pot and outside pot.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      These can actually be cut or torn to size and even folded to fit so they hold the moss on top where it won’t fall down inside the planter. Leaving a small space in 2 or 3 areas will also help so you can see down into the liner.
      Thanks – Sue

  6. James Eagar Verified Buyer
  7. dana d. Verified Buyer
  8. Harrell Dunlap Verified Buyer

    Great necessity to help shore up balance
    of the plant around inside if planter.

  9. Jackie M. Verified Buyer

    Very clever! My new plant looks professionally arranged with moss also purchased from Plantz 🙂

  10. Gema M. Verified Buyer
  11. Linda Verified Buyer
  12. Shavonne H. Verified Buyer
  13. William R. Verified Buyer
  14. Krystle Peregrino Verified Buyer
  15. Krystle Verified Buyer

    Great material to stabilize!

  16. Vanessa Verified Buyer
  17. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  18. Mark Mayglothling Verified Buyer
  19. Mark Mayglothling Verified Buyer

    Very affordable and useful in keeping the grow pot stable in the planter.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      The do work very well and will also hold the moss in place so it doesn’t fall down inside the planter!
      Thanks – Sue

  20. Michael Eaton Verified Buyer
  21. Karen Robinson Verified Buyer
  22. Karen Davis Verified Buyer
  23. Glenna Sommer Verified Buyer
  24. kim saenz Verified Buyer
  25. Anonymous Verified Buyer
  26. Steven C. Verified Buyer

    Previously reviewed

  27. Steven C. Verified Buyer

    Previously reviewed this item

  28. Steven C. Verified Buyer

    Works great to support the grow pot in my decorative planter. Also keeps the mood moss from falling below.

  29. Jacquie R. Verified Buyer
  30. Robert Verified Buyer
  31. Matthew Pike Verified Buyer
  32. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Great for the staged decorating

  33. linda Verified Buyer
  34. Hannah H. Verified Buyer

    What a great foam spacer!

  35. Charles Mateson Verified Buyer
  36. Lynn M. Verified Buyer

    The ones I ordered were as described on line and arrived with my plants. I haven’t used them yet as I haven’t yet staged my plants but I expect that they will be perfect, given that I can cut them to fit the spaces needed between the grow pots and my decorative pots.

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