Athena Tall Vases



The Athena Tall Vases are both stunning and beautifully elegant. With a look all its own.  Made from a Fiberclay material. Making it Lightweight and Durable, Can be used both inside in any room, or outside on the patio or entrance.  This Beautiful planter with it’s Stunning Hight and Unique Finish make it a great addition to any room – fits popular growpot sizes. Choose from a variety beautiful decorator colors and finishes. Planters ship separately to avoid damage to plants or planters.


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Aquamarine (gemstone), Black (gloss), Black (matte), Black Crater, Black Crater {Topo}, Blue Diamond (Gemstone), Bronze (metallic), Bronze {Burnished}, Burgundy (gloss), Burnt Copper (metallic), Charcoal, Charcoal (gloss), Charcoal (matte), Cobalt (gloss), Copper (metallic), Dark Sapphire (Gemstone), Eggplant (gloss), Expresso (matte), Expresso (metallic), Garnet (Gemstone), Gold Dust (metallic), Golden Bronze (metallic), Golden Quartz (Gemstone), Grey {Gloss}, Grey {matte}, Gunmetal (metallic), Java (matte), Key Lime Green (gloss), Khaki (matte), Mountain Grey, Orange (gloss), Pearl (gloss), Pearlized Silver (metallic), Red Clay Glaze (matte), Red Glaze (matte), Sapphire (Gemstone), Scarlet (gloss), Silver (metallic), Special Gold (Gemstone), Special Gold (metallic), Special Red (gloss), Steel {Burnished}, Sunrise (matte), Wheat (matte), White (gloss), White (matte)