Aglaonema Jubilee


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The Aglaonema Jubilee is a captivating plant with glossy, lance-shaped leaves showcasing stunning variegation of green and silver. Known for its air-purifying qualities, thislow-maintenance plant thrives in various light conditions, making it an excellent choice to add elegance and freshness to any indoor space.

Plant Details

Size 2-3', 3-4'
Difficulty Easy Care Level
Light Low Light, Medium Light, Bright Indirect Light
Pet Friendly This plant may be toxic to pets

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The Aglaonema Jubilee, commonly known in the indoor plant rental industry for its low-maintenance nature, maintains a striking appearance with minimal care. Frequently called by its short form, “Ag,” or its alternate name, “Chinese Evergreen,” this plant originates from southeast Asia and southern China. To preserve the glossy and vibrant look of its leaves, irrespective of the cultivar, here’s what you should be aware of:


This plant is a light drinker preferring near desertlike conditions between waterings and can go for 4+ weeks without watering provided it’s equipped with a sub-irrigation system.  We still suggest, however, you check it weekly during the first 6-8 weeks after you get it until you’re comfortable with the watering frequency.  Remember, thoroughly moisten the soil all the way around the base of the plant and then let it dry out before the next watering. See our watering guide for more information.


The Aglaonema Jubilee thrives in low and medium light, but the cultivars with less green pigment in the leaves usually requires a little more light to maintain distinctive color patterns.  It can be sustained in regular room light conditions where it gets several hours of light from interior lighting sources; put it near a window, however, and you’re golden, or at least “green”.  Like with other shade-grown foliage plants, its leaves will burn quickly if exposed to direct mid-day sunlight.


The Aglaonema Jubilee likely will not need to be fed during the first 6 months after it has shipped. During this time, it will use the residual nutrients from nursery production. After 12 months, it can be fed quarterly with a complete fertilizer formulated for interior plants. If your Aglaonema is positioned on a porch in the south, it may need supplemental nutrition sooner than 12 months. Please refer to our nutrient guide for details.


Like its big-leaf Philodendron cousins, its wide leaves are easy to clean which is good because they can become dusty.  Simply wiping the leaves with a wet cloth with a little soap usually does the trick, stroking the leaf from the base (near the stem) to the tip.


There’s really not much “pruning” to do on an Ag.  Occasionally, a lower leaf will give out and it can simply be pruned off where the leaf meets the stem.  This can be done with by-pass pruners or scissors.  Like other members of the Araceae plant family, Aglaonemas will attempt to bloom and a spadix will emerge from the stem.  Since we need to keep the plant focused on using its nutrients to keep its foliage looking good, an emerging spadix should be removed as soon as it’s visible.


Hardly a worry here, the Aglaonema is not a big target for pests. Scale, mealy bugs, and mites sometimes jump on, but they’re easily controlled by wiping the infested area with a soapy solution. It can take several intermittent cleanings to rid the plant of the pests.


Ags are sensitive to cold and should be kept in areas that do not go below 50 degrees F.  We are particularly careful about shipping this plant during late fall, winter, and early spring.

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Customer Reviews for
Aglaonema Jubilee

(35 Reviews)
  1. Darcy Bulthuis Verified Buyer
  2. Dorothy E. Verified Buyer

    This is such a lush plant. I didn’t expect it to be so large! I diffidently will enjoy this plant over a long time. It would appeal to a plant lover that is short on good lighting.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      We’re so glad to hear that you are happy with it. Great plant for lower light areas that doesn’t need water as often as other varieties.
      Enjoy and thank you!

  3. Mary M. Verified Buyer

    Prettier than the one I already had

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      We’re so glad to hear that you’re happy with it!
      Thanks – Sue

  4. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Beautiful plants and packaged perfectly!

  5. Jeanine Szweda Verified Buyer
  6. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Great customer service! Information on care was outstanding! Most of all my plant was healthy when it arrived. Thank you Sue

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      So glad you’re happy with your new plant. They’re very easy to care for so you shouldn’t have any issues with it.

  7. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Repeat customer, always thrilled with my purchases here. Highest quality specimens. Shipped well.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for all the nice orders you give us. We’re so glad to hear that you’re happy with your plants!

  8. Yvonne Lamar Verified Buyer

    Absolutely beautiful.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      So glad to hear that you’re happy with it! You’ve got quite the Plantz collection now!
      Thanks – Sue

  9. Wendi B. Verified Buyer

    Looked as good as pictured

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks! Glad you like it!

  10. Linda Trisby Verified Buyer

    The plants were so small take the price up and let them be larger

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Hi Linda – I tried to reach out to you about this but didn’t get a response. We are at the beginning of the growing season so the plants are well rooted and healthy so we are able to ship them. If we let them get too large, damage can occur during the transit. I know you have ordered many times from us before so please reach out to me directly and we can hold your plants a bit until they are the size that you prefer.
      Thanks – Sue

  11. Alice Paradise Verified Buyer

    Absolutely beautiful and healthy plant. I had no idea it would be so big. I had to move furniture to make it fit.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks! Glad that you’re happy with it (and sorry you had to rearrange!)

  12. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Love the plant and excellent service… love Sue!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks so much!

  13. Usmonova Fotima Verified Buyer

    I love my plant. It’s so healthy and beautiful plant, thank you so much.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      You’re very welcome and we glad to hear that you’re happy with it!

  14. Anonymous Verified Buyer

    Plant arrived quickly and in beautiful condition. We love it!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks for letting us know! They are beautiful right now!

  15. Emiko Y. Verified Buyer

    Amazing plant! Very healthy and rush. Even better than the photo. I was surprised how heavy it is. I have never seen a plant with this much vigor and health at stores in Atlanta. I would love to buy more plants from this store. I highly recommend this store if you are looking for a large and healthy plant. Thank you!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thanks so much for the nice comments and we’re glad to hear your happy with your new plant! If we can help you going forward, please let us know!

  16. Lisa Verified Buyer

    The plant was so healthy and beautiful!! Thanks!!!

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      Thank you! Enjoy!

  17. Lucretia Berry Verified Buyer
  18. Michele Heath Verified Buyer

    This is my favorite plant and I have 75 of them! It arrived very healthy and it has grown in the 2 months since I’ve had it, like incredibly so! It’s not even in a lot of light. It is just so lush.

    • Sue Waltzer Verified Buyer

      That is amazing! We’d love to see some photo of all your green friends!
      Thanks – Sue

  19. Linda Trisby Verified Buyer
  20. Nia Spencer Verified Buyer

    Gorgeous, healthy plant. Love it!

    • Sue Waltzer

      So glad you love your new plant!
      Thanks – Sue

  21. Kimberly Walker Verified Buyer

    Beautiful and healthy!

  22. Becky Verified Buyer

    My plant arrived in beautiful condition, full and lush and gorgeous. So happy with my purchase!!

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thank you for letting us know and we’re so glad it has brought you some happiness!

  23. Valaida Wise Verified Buyer

    I love this company. The service is outstanding.

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thank you! We love our customers!

  24. JULIE BEY Verified Buyer
  25. Nivedita Jampana Verified Buyer
  26. Valaida Verified Buyer

    My plant came packed perfectly. It was also really easy to unbox. But, I wasn’t prepared for the true beauty of it. It is absolutely gorgeous. The picture on the website didn’t do it justice.

    • Sue Waltzer

      Glad you love it and thanks for the new order! Hot and humid here is Florida and the plants love it!
      Thanks – Sue

  27. Jie Pan Verified Buyer

    Bigger than I thought, and it survives in low light environment.

    • Sue Waltzer

      It is the perfect plant for low light areas and one of our all-time favorites!
      Thank you!

  28. minami242 Verified Buyer

    Arrived in great shape and very clean. More expanded than I thought.

    Image #1 from minami242
    • Sue Waltzer

      Thank you for letting us know. They’re quite large and very pretty right now! We hope you enjoy it!
      Thanks -Sue

  29. Matthew Salisbury Verified Buyer
  30. laine walker Verified Buyer

    Beautiful plant. It looks great in my foyer.

    • Sue Waltzer

      Thanks Laine!!

  31. Karen Davis Verified Buyer

    This plant was a “side order” and when it arrived, it was so big and beautiful it took my breath away. I was/am extremely happy with this plant. However, several leaves have started to turn yellow and die. I’ve had to cut off about 9 yellow leaves so far. I’m really hoping this will stop soon, that it’s just a result of shipping.

    • Sue Waltzer

      Hi Karen – this is probably the plant acclimating. Could you please send me a photo so I can see how it is looking?
      Thanks – Sue

  32. Lynette Johnson Verified Buyer

    Plantz has the best plants in us. I brought six plants and they arrived on time and in good condition. I will buy some more when the weather gets warm. Ten stars and ten happy faces!

  33. Amber W. Verified Buyer
  34. Susan Waltzer Verified Buyer

    Gorgeous plant, very well wrapped for shipping. Sue provided awesome plant care tips!

  35. Peter Verified Buyer

    So gorgeous! Totally brightens up the space in a low maintenance, noninvasive way!

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