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We have several Dracaena plants available for sale now. Get the highest quality Dracaena Reflexa, Lisa Cane Dracaena, Dracaena Marginata (also known as the Dragon Tree), Dracaena Giganta, and the Dracaena Michiko all available now for delivery to your front door.

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It’s been a good run. Many thanks to customers, team members, and suppliers that have supported our PLANTZ mission over the years…we are grateful. Market conditions are demanding that we discontinue sales and shipping of our plants and products from our website. This doesn’t mean that plants are in lower demand – the opposite is true. Plants help people achieve a biophilic requirement like no other living thing – plants continue to make people happy. But, for now, we are halting further orders from our site. We will continue to assist customers with recent orders getting their plants situated for success, but we’re no longer taking additional orders.

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