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Your Best Indoor Plant Picks

In the market for a plant but have some questions first… well you have come to the right place! Are you wondering which plant is the best investment for all of your indoor plant needs? Do you worry that you will not have the time or remember to take care of a plant? Do you fear that your home or workspace may not have enough sunshine that is so often required for a large plant? Well look no further, because we are going to tell you some of the top picks for your most low maintenance and most survivable indoor plants.

1. The Janet Craig Plant

This plant is one of the most widely utilized plants cultivated for indoor use across the board. The Janet Craig Plant is known to thrive in indoor spaces with minimal care, which has our customers jumping for joy at this low maintenance beauty! This plant originates from regions in Africa, and it surprisingly needs very minimal light despite where it comes from. Along with its voluptuous look, The Janet Craig Plant serves a great purpose as well, it is known for its properties that improve air quality around the home as well. This plant not only has air quality benefits and minimal light requirements, but it displays a bright green color that really pops in any room creating the interior design of your dreams! This plant will make any room you place it in livelier and more colorful all while not causing too much hassle. Bring this beauty into any room corner in your home to add that extra oomph to your space without a second thought.

2. Bamboo Palm

We offer our Bamboo Palm to those of you who are looking to bring in some good vibes and vibrant color into your home. The Bamboo Palm, although it slightly resembling a classic Bamboo plant it is not the same type of plant. This Palm comes from the Chamaedorea family and has stems resembling the Bamboo plant but has soft green leaves that really add to the ambiance of any room you walk into. This Palm can handle lower levels of light but really thrives under moderate to high levels of light. The Bamboo Palm is s great plant for the workplace or within a home office. The Bamboo Palm promotes healthy living and success with such a strong plant, that is known for being best at filtering out indoor air pollutants within an environment and leaving a clean and happy space for you to spend your time in. The Bamboo Palm plant require minimal care and minimal light, but it is highly recommended that you invest good care in your Bamboo Palm plant to create a beneficial aura within your living environment.

3. Genus Aglaonema

This unique plant ranges in size, shape and color! You never know what you are getting with this unique plant. The Genus Aglaonema originating from Asia, is a very easy plant to take care of for those with busy lives and minimal time to take care of a plant fulltime. This plant can go weeks between watering’s, and it can sustain itself for very long periods of time, surviving off of only indoor lighting! This plant is most certainly for you if you feel you have trouble maintaining your plant life but want a little extra green around the house. If you keep this beauty close to a window, this plant might just out live you with hardly any extra work behind it on your part!

4. The Neathabella Palm or Chamaedorea Elegans

Nicknamed the “Parlor Palm” this plant is the cousin of our classic Bamboo Palm with just some slight variations. That being said, they are very similar in their care needs and how they are a benefit to your home or work environment. This plant that comes from the thick rain forests of Mexico and Guatemala, is actually one of the first plants to be used inside homes and workspaces as well. This plant does exceptionally well in low light and really does not require any more light than indirect sunlight or indoor lighting. This plant, like Bamboo, is also great for air quality improvement in smaller spaces and brings the environment down to earth and more centered. Look to this plant if you feel like you need something not only low maintenance but a true staple in the indoor plant community. A classic look for a classic plant owner.

5. The ZZ Plant

The Zamioculas Zamiifolia or the “ZZ Plant” is one of the eazzziest plants you will have to take care of. It is so easy that many people use this plant in apartments and college dorms (we all know how poor the lighting can be in those and how irregularly they are watered). This plant requires little water and very little light making it one of the most manageable plants to have in your living environment. This plant is great for someone who does not have too much time to dedicate attention to a plant. Many think it is best to only water this plant every two months! How crazy is that?! The ultimate low maintenance plant for someone just starting out on their plant journey!

All of these plants are great options for low maintenance and hassle-free indoor plants, while also creating the vision of your interior design goals. Things that make these plants beneficial for the person with a not so green of a thumb, are very little light is required, not a lot of watering needs to be done, and better air quality for small spaces. These low maintenance plants will be the perfect edition to your home or workplace without such a high risk of killing your investment. You can find all of these plants on our website with a variety of sizes, shapes and accessories. We cannot wait for you to join our Plantz Fam!