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What Your Home Says About You

And What Plant You Should Get as A Result

Your home is designed as an extension of yourself. We want to help you determine what your style says about you, and what type of plant fits the role of your new living décor piece. Select the design style below that you think matches your living space the best.



The modern design is for the trendy and contemporary person. You likely are a stylish person who keeps up with current events and trends, but although you keep up with these trends you keep your styling neutral and not as daring as someone would who fall more under the art deco world. Taking risks in design is not your mojo and you prefer natural materials with neutrals and earthy tones, while also eliminating unnecessary clutter.

The modern design homeowner is a no-disarray no-nonsense person. You have no time or need for frivolous décor, which means you also have no time for a frivolous plant! That is why your best plant pick is a Lisa Cane. Why the Lisa Cane you ask… This plant does not mess around. A plant that displays elegance mirroring your elegant personality, and it performs quite well in low-light, so no need to fuss over the perfect spot for light and just focus on where it works best for you in the room. A classic green for a classic plant parent that is larger than life.

The Lisa Cane is also a very low maintenance plant. Since it is grown originally in lava rock, the watering stipulations are not as heavy, so you can keep your mind clutter-free of plant care. It is also very easy to clean, all it needs is a quick wipe down with a wet cloth, and it’s as good as new, so the clean freak in you has no reason to stress about too much extra cleaning steps added to your regular routine.

Simplicity is the key to your heart. Things should truly not just be for the eye, but should be functional… So, eliminating anything that is not resourceful as well really helps streamline your space. The slight OCD in you is entranced with the modern design’s straight lines and no curves, creating your dreamy clean appearance just like you like it.


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You are truly a fashionista. Your home probably looks like it is straight out of an Urban Outfitters catalog. This style shows your laid-back nature and eccentric style. This is an interior theme that shows how worldly you are. You are probably well-traveled and, if not, you often daydream about wander lusting around the world. Your home is an oasis that transports you to another dimension. The great thing about this design is it heavily relies on plants as essential décor pieces.

You are a true free spirit, and so are your plant choices. The best plant for you is the popular and voluptuous Monstera deliciosa. Revel in the fact that the Monstera’s leaves will grow and weave in all sorts of directions, while also transporting you into your boho jungle escape.

This style really shows how eclectic you are but also inclusive. Just like your inclusive nature with other people, you are also that way with your plants. The more the merrier, so you do not have to stop with a Monstera! Adopt some Kentia Palms and Areca Palms too to add to your jungle vibe. Your attention to detail and creativity makes you the very best plant parent around. Take care of your beautiful plant possessions and they will survive and thrive in your home jungle for a long time.

You are a make-do-with-what-you-have type of person, which means that anything and everything goes in your home design. Unlike modern nothing about you is simple, which means the more fuss and décor the merrier. Drown yourself in fuzzy blankets, plants, and unique light fixtures. You do not have to shy away from different colored plants either. Bright and bold plants are perfect for who you are, you have no obligation to stick to the classic deep green.

Stay colorful, bright, and zen just like your home, it makes you truly one of a kind.


Get Your Boho On



If this is your design choice you are one tough cookie! Although you have the exterior of a rough and tough individual, you also have a lightness to you as well. Using stark whites and neutrals in your home shows your extreme composure and ability to stay organized and tidy. Industrial might be all about the raw and unfinished elements, but you are anything but unfinished. You are truly intentional with every detail. Now that your home is in order though, it is time for you to spend some time on something living. The plant for you is the White Bird of Paradise. Elegant and with a unique silhouette it really will provide contrast and show your softer side in such a harsh design style.

The green of a White Bird of Paradise will also provide contrast against all the neutral elements you display in your home. You are a meticulous person. The White Bird needs an eye like yours to ensure its survival.

Stay true to you with your new plant and maintain the uniqueness that makes you shine through your industrial interior design.


Industrial Design Not for the Weak Minded



Classic is the name of the game. The traditional design originates from European décor and exhibits the highest level of decorum and class. You are a truly regal person, and you deserve a space that makes you feel like royalty.

Your home is probably adorned with wood pieces and deep colors. Those deep colors can be plants too ya know? Rely on the deepest and darkest of green plants or ones with unique patterns to be your new plants. One of our suggestion would be an Aglaonema. They come in a variety of styles so you will feel like the one of a kind you are because your plant sure is. Choose from our selections of Silver Bay, Jubilee, Mary Ann, and Stripes.

Another thing to think about when it comes to your plants is their silhouettes. That’s right, shapes can extend past your furniture, try a ZZ Plant or a Parlor Palm for their unique leaf shapes.

Some things about traditional design that speak to you as well are the feelings of comfort and cozy. Although you are elegant you are also all about the sweeter things in life, so comfort is a high priority for you in all aspects of your wellbeing. Another thing that brings you comfort is personal touches. So, picking the right plant that you connect with is a priority, and here at PLANTZ, we want to help you with that selection.



You are a wholesome human with kindness in your heart. Farmhouse interior design makes you feel right at home, and that is just how you make others feel too. It relies on elements of modern design but with a twist. It is all about the comfortable and laid-back style and is a lot less rigid than modern design. You are a relaxed person that could lounge around in your home all day if you did not have priorities to attend to because let’s face it, you are also a busy bee. You are a true homebody. What better for a homebody than a plant that requires lots of care, you have the time to cultivate a beautiful plant… like a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.

This plant is infamous in the plant community, just like your farmhouse/rustic style is, so it truly is the perfect fit. Both the design style and the plant are the most popular in the industry and adorn the internet. Scour Pinterest to see all the lovely possibilities that this dynamic duo brings. As a natural-born caregiver, you are the perfect person to take care of the tedious plant. Fiddle Leaf Figs, botanically known as Ficus lyratas, give us all the stay at home snuggly vibes. The most homey feeling you could get!

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Art Deco

You shine brighter than any star, and you sure do not shy away from any attention. Your home is a showstopper, just like you. Art Deco is known for the outrageous, the bold, and only a person with that type of personality could truly pull it off. So, are you ready to make a big statement with your plant as well?

Only one answer… The Areca Palm or what we call the Party Palm. This plant is larger than life just like you, so give it a home that is on its level.

This interior design trend is heavily influenced by the 20s, 30s, and 40s decades and when you step into it, many times it feels like a blast from the past. You give off exotic vibes, so we think an exotic plant is right up your alley. Choosing a Hawaiian based plant or one grown in molten lava rock will really give you that unique edge to one-up all your friends and wow your family.

The more leaves the better. A full plant is what matters in the art deco interior design so do not shoot for the plant that is shy with showing off its leaves. You are a true individual and your home reflects that, do not neglect that individualism on the plant front.

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A lot like the modern design but think simpler. You like the finer things in life, but also believe in less is more. The less clutter the more room you have for the more elite items. You have the best taste and truly exhibit a level of class others have to work at. Your space relies heavily on clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. Décor is not a big factor in this design type, and you are a no-nonsense type of person so this element sits well with you. You are a regular user of the phrase “less is more” and because of that, you want a less work type of plant.

A ZZ Plant is a phenomenal choice for this because you do not have to put in much work to keep it thriving. They require minimal light and little water, emphasis on minimal and little, making it a plant match made in heaven. Not sold on the ZZ Plant though? You also could get the Snake Plant a whirl. Also, minimal care with the clean lines you so desire. This plant has leaves that stick straight up, giving you a uniform look and the organization you thrive off of.

Another thing that speaks to you is the monochromatic color palette you hold so dear to your design heart. Keep your colors neutral and let the plant be the showstopper, and the only color in your space, it will really draw in the attention it deserves, and leave you as a proud plant parent.




Also, very similar to the minimalism and modern design, but more worldly and adding in a variety of cultural elements. The Scandinavian style has been around for a long time and has truly withstood the changing interior design landscape.  This design style is around for the long haul, just like you are. You have endurance and you are timeless. Two things that many can not claim as their main qualities.

You are a realist and you want your space to be functional. Functionality comes from the elements around you being natural and environmentally conscious as well. You are a strong believer in connecting with your universe and the people around you, so you want things to take shape naturally and rely on wood and metal finishes as stable and strong attributes that keep everything together, so you can fill in the holes with well-intentioned décor that has purpose and meaning.

Keep the nature a part of your space special, with fresh plants. It brings the life you so heavily value back into your space and there are a variety of plants to choose from to accomplish that goal. Pick something like a Parlor Palm, a true classic that can be full of life – just like you – or even a Bamboo Palm is a perfect option, which will make you feel connected with your environment and self bringing a feeling of zen to your space.

Warmth is a big aspect of this style as well, and plants can play a role in the warmth in your home too. Keep the light shining through big bright windows, not only for warmth but for the health and well being of your plants. The more light the merrier for your plant babies, just do not forget to give them a good watering to go with all that beautiful sunshine, to keep their health in tip-top shape. Plants will truly keep you feeling connected to the Earth and bring you a new sense of purpose while in your home when you are not galivanting around the world and gathering more life knowledge.

Keep your space feeling warm, cozy, and down to earth just like you with some new plant buddies.


You have determined your style and plant selection… what now? Click the plant below to learn more about it!!!

The Lisa Cane has shiny dark leaves and looks substantial in any spot.
The Lisa Cane
Planting gardens
Compare the arecas!
Areca Palm
The Kentia Palm are elegant and attractive
Kentia Palm
The "Ag" Silver Bay 14 is easy care and larger than you think!
ZZ plant set indoor
ZZ Plant


The Parlor Palm
Parlor Palm
Our Fiddle Leaf Fig with her new family
Fiddle Leaf Fig


The Snake plant is also called Mother in Law's Tongue
Snake Plant
The Bamboo Palm has straight up tall stalks with bushy fronds.
Bamboo Palm