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What Plant is for you Based on One Character Trait

Are you wondering what plant is your best fit based off of your best personality traits? We want to pair you with your perfect plant, so we have created a little plant game for you!

Pick the trait that most resembles you below and we will tell you which plant we think would be your very best plant buddy to have during this crazy quarantine time of COVD-19! After you take the quiz check out more fun games and articles on our social media and website!


The Janet Craig Limelight 

Bright in color and with unique textured leaves, The Janet Craig Limelight is the plant sure to make you feel like you need to take another one of your spontaneous adventures! If you are a thrill seeker that loves the unexpected, then the Limelight is the plant for you, especially through this suffocating time of quarantine. Stand out with bright color and uniqueness that will make any guest in your home feel like they are on an exotic adventure through a unique jungle and make you feel like you are a true globetrotter and plant connoisseur, making your home the star of the show, just like you are. It will also leave you feeling like you are in a space other than your home, making you go a little less stir crazy.

Janet Craig Limelight plants are low maintenance so you can take off on your next big adventure at any moment and not have to fear for your new plant baby’s health, since it does not require weekly or daily attention. With a sub-irrigation system implemented as well, it can water itself and sustain a little longer without you while you are on the go-go-go. Just park it by a well-lit window and it is ready to roll just like its new owner!



White Bird of Paradise 

With its dramatic leaves, and beautifully enchanting silhouette, the White Bird of Paradise is sure to charm its way right into your heart. The White Bird of Paradise is a classically known plant amongst the true #plantpeople community, but it still never seems to fail to impress even the most exotic of plant owners, a true timeless classic. You will feel like true royalty while quarantined with this beauty.

Most interior designers would say that this plant is one of their favorites for all their decorating needs and is commonly found throughout the modern household, truly driving home the charm level of this plant. Who doesn’t want to feel like they are on some distant tropical vacation with such an eccentric plant? That is exactly what vibe the White Bird of Paradise provides all of the tropical escape feels with a touch of beachy.

Can you out charm your new charming plant? If this plant charms its way into your heart you will not be disappointed and that we can assure you of!



Ficus microcarpa 

This plant is nice and classic. Just like all of the compassionate people in our lives. Compassion takes patience, kindness, and tolerance… all things you and your new Ficus microcarpa have in common!

Ficus (‘ficus’ is singular and plural)are commonly purchased plants but this version, also known as the Ficus Moclame or Ficus Daniella is a special type of Ficus. Less popular than the Ficus Lyrata aka the Fiddle Leaf Fig, but no less beautiful we promise you, it truly has a unique shape and design to its leaves and branches that you will not commonly see across the indoor house plant world, making you a true trendsetter.

We associate this plant with compassion because if you treat it with kindness and patience it can really flourish into something great! Be tolerant with this beauty though, it needs lots of light and plenty of water to sustain itself, so make sure you are showing it all the compassion you’ve got to give. The good news is, you have plenty of time on your hands to get acquainted with your new plant, so we know you will excel with the Ficus Microcarpa during this quarantine time!



Marginata Colorama

Confidence is the key to this plant’s heart, and believe us, this baby knows how to stand out! The Marginata Colorama is bright pink. Yes you heard us right, a pink plant, who knew!?!?! Bringing the color back into life during such a bleak time is just what you need.

This plant is meant for the bold individuals. Stand out amongst your plant friends and blow the indoor plant communities out of the water with your very individualistic plant choice, that just is not like any other. Adding a pop of color to your space and bringing in a unique shape will have everyone asking what kind of plant this is!

If you like to stand out, then this plant will help your home stand out just as you do in a crowd (not that we can be in crowds anymore… UGH). If you are not afraid to be the center of attention then we highly recommend the Marginata Colorama being your new plant edition, imagine the endless possibilities you could bring into your space with this true confident beauty.  A true shining star in the plant world.



 ZZ Plant

All you want is something you can depend on. As the friend in your group that is the most reliable and always there for others, you are looking for a plant that can be the greener version of you… Well look no further, let us introduce you to the ZZ Plant, also known as Zamioculas zamifolia to many.

This little guy is the most dependable it gets in the plant world. The care and maintenance for the ZZ Plant is one of the easiest we have ever seen with a houseplant! It has much less need for light and water than the average plant making it low maintenance and easy for you to care for with little worries. They are also known to last a super long time, a plant friend for life! How much more dependable can you get! Do not be the only dependable one in the room anymore, depend on your ZZ Plant that it will grow and prosper by your side through all of this crazy stay-at-home madness.




Are you a generous and gentle soul? Do you love giving and giving to all of your loved ones? Well then, the Monstera deliciosa plant is the perfect plant for you. Generously gift yourself this plant beauty that is anything but shy while generously displaying huge, beautiful, glossy leaves and a stunning green color to leave you feeling recharged and refreshed.

This plant will always be giving you more and more since it is known for its beautiful leaf growth. Feeling even MORE generous (since that’s your nature) get yourself one AND gift one to your best friend! #twinning

The Monstera is a great plant to bring a tropical vibe to your space and even has a distinct look that many will recognize. Nicknamed the Swiss Cheese Plant, there will be no mistaking your plant for another when guests come in and give you compliments.

Find your best Monstera with us at PLANTZ for a new decor piece that will be the center of attention, be generous with yourself because you deserve it.



Fiddle Leaf Fig

This plant might need a little bit more help than others, but you are helpful and compassionate enough to handle it. The Fiddle Leaf Fig takes a patient caregiver. Fiddle Leaf Figs, also known as Ficus lyrata, are one of the most popular indoor plants in the industry hands down right now. As long as you are willing to give it plenty of attention you will really see this guy survive and thrive!

This plant is another popular one used commonly by interior designers in modern home design, so you are sure to be the envy of all of your friends – and the Pinterest community – if you choose this plant to be your new living room BFF!

As one of the most searched plants on the internet, no one will be able to resist envying you and you can be the helpful person you are and provide all of your other plant friends with tips and tricks on Fiddle Leaf Fig care after having this guy for a couple of months. Give this beauty lots of sunlight and plenty to drink and you have a Pinterest worthy, award winning plant for life.




This is one of our newer selections and it is coming in hot to spice up your plant world. This spicy number is the easiest care you will ever experience, we like to compare it to the equivalent of a pet rock. The Sanseverira, commonly referred to as the Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law Tongue plant is a unique plant to look at. With its very unique leaves, it will add spice to any room.  

The other great thing about the Snake Plant is that it ranks very high on NASA’s list of plants that filter out air pollutants. A great plant to have while you are #boredinthehouse during quarantine!

Some things to know, since this plant originates from Africa and southeast Asia, it thrives in drier conditions especially dry soil. Only water this beauty once a month and you will see it become bright and happy. We have two different sizes available for all of your Sandeverira needs along with a few different varieties in characteristics! Check out more and get in touch with us on any Snake Plant questions you might have!



Versatile in style, color, and shape, we have the Aglaonema! This plant is meant for the independent person, because the Ag (for short) is extremely easy to take care of and it can even go weeks without you paying attention to it like you would the more common Fiddle Leaf Fig. 

It will independently live its life while coexisting with you, a true dream! That and the possibilities for your Ag are endless with the numerous variations you can find, from Silver Bay to Mary Ann. It hardly relies on you if you park it in a nice sunny spot and just water it occasionally when it needs it.

The Aglaonema is known for a long lifespan, so it is perfect if you are always on the go and afraid of having to provide for a tentative plant, a true independent. Aglaonemas can fit in a variety of spaces ranging from the living room, kitchen, or bedroom, you do not have to limit your Ag to one spot! Checkout our Aglaonema varieties to find your perfect independent fit, just like you!



Rhapis Palm

Rhapis Palm, lots of leaves, multiple stems, PLENTY to pay attention to for the meticulous eye. This is a plant with depth. If you are a person that pays attention to detail then the Rhapis Palm will not disappoint, AND you will be the perfect person to give it all of the good care it needs.

As a meticulous person you deserve elegance but also uniqueness, and the Rhapis Palm surely delivers just that to any interior design look you are trying to achieve.

The Rhapis is a slow grower as well, taking years sometimes to reach full mature size, so it is important to have some patience too if you are going to take on this plant. The perks are that it can handle some lower lights and filtered light levels.

We cannot wait to see how you style your Rhapis Palm with great attention to detail and your meticulous eye.



Bamboo Palm 

With a soft touch and deep green leaves this plant you have to observe the behavior of carefully. The Bamboo Palm can take lower levels of light but might need moderate to high levels of light for it to really thrive in its new home!

This is a great plant because it actually aids in eliminating air pollutants (something we could all use in our homes right now) and will keep your space feeling healthy and fresh throughout all of the chaos!

You will feel so at peace as you observe your Bamboo Palm every morning and sip your coffee, we can feel the peaceful energy now! You cannot go wrong with this purchase, so find your inner Zen with the Bamboo Palm.



Parlor Palm

The Parlor Palm is the original houseplant, and it has continued to sustain the times. The Parlor Palm, also known as the Neathabella Palm or Chamadeorea elegans, can handle the low light conditions making it one tough cookie and a plant force to be reckoned with. This plant is a shorter and more full extension of the Bamboo Palm so you might find some similar characteristics between the two.

This plant comes from southern Mexico and Guatemala, so used to the shaded conditions of the rainforest it can handle that lower and indirect light exposure better than most houseplants. The Parlor Palm is also rated one of NASAs top 50 indoor plants that can clean and purify the air! Fighting off toxins left and right with its toughness.

If you are looking for a plant as tough as you are, then the Parlor Palm is definitely your plant. Sustain the madness of 2020 with your Parlor Palm, we know you two can take on anything.


There ya have it! Your best plant picks based on your selected personality characteristic! Check your plant match out on our site and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out and ask our plant care specialists, they will be with you in no time! For more information on your plant match you can also refer to our plant care guides on the blog!


* Some tips to note once you have been happily plant matched…


  • Every plant has a different tolerance for light and care regimen. It would be in your best interest to read over our care guides on our blogs, get in touch with us if you have any questions or need clarity, and do your own research.
  • You will also be able to select a planter for your new plant, whether it is one you have at home or one you get off of your site. This is another opportunity to spice your plant up and make it more individualistic.
  • We highly suggest investing in some nutrients as well, your plant will not need any for the first six months after we have delivered your new plant friend to you, but after that it will require some for continued growth. Look into some of the selections we have on our site and stay on top of your plant’s nutrients.
  • Submit your plant photos to us for a chance to be featured on our social media!


Happy shopping! PLANTZ