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Top Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

From making a living space feel more alive and welcoming to purifying the air, there are many reasons why indoor plants should be incorporated into your home. However, keeping these green friends alive may be challenging for those who live in spaces where natural sunlight may be limited.

To make the task of keeping indoor plants alive an easier one for those who live in apartments, PLANTZ has compiled a list of a few beautiful plants that can withstand urban conditions.

  • Areca Palm – The Areca Palm, or Dypsis lutescens, is one of the most well-known and beloved indoor plants on the market. These palms make wonderful outdoor plants and thrive indoors when lighting conditions are high. They are also known for their remarkable ability to cleanse indoor air of harmful airborne toxins. According to NASA, they actually have the 8th highest removal rate of formaldehyde. The Areca Palm is sometimes called the “Butterfly Palm” because of its soft, fine-textured yellowish-green fronds, as well as the “Party Palm” thanks to its vast use in decorations for parties and weddings.
  • Lisa Cane – If space is tight in your apartment, the Lisa Cane is the perfect indoor plant for you. This plant will grow to be tall, but not very wide, making it the ideal plant for smaller spaces. They also require very little maintenance and perform well in lower lighting conditions, making them ideal for a new plant parent.
  • Ficus Lyrata – Commonly known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, the Ficus Lyrata has exploded in popularity in recent years. With large “fiddle” shaped leaves, these plants are the perfect statement piece for larger spaces. They do require bright indirect light, so place it in a well-lit room and it should thrive. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is actually available in three different heights and two styles (tree form and bush) so that plant-lovers can choose the right size for their available space.

These three plants would make wonderful additions to your apartment, but does the idea of dragging them to your building and up flights of stairs sound terrible? Don’t worry! At, you can order your new indoor plants, containers, and accessories online and have them shipped straight to your door! Visit our online shop to order your plants today!