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Top 5 Best Places to Keep Plants in Your Home

You got a new house plant… so what now? Let’s pick where it is going to go because believe us, it matters! There are a number of places your new house plant could reside, but very few people realize how easy it is to pick the WRONG place for your new plant buddy. Here are our top 5 picks on places to keep your plant and the different factors to consider when you are finding that perfect new home for the plant of your dreams.

1. Keep it “Natural”

It is very important to do some research on the plant or plants you are bringing into your home, and here are some of the reasons you need to take this into consideration… The best chance of survival and a long lifetime for your plant is to best mimic the natural environment of where the plant came from. Plants that require a lot of sunlight should be placed near windows where natural light can be found, whereas plants that prefer a darker environment might not need to be placed in the direct sunlight of a window. Plants come from so many differing environments that each plant type will need a different form of care. Where your house plant can come from can vary from tropical and well-lit all the way to a more shaded environment requiring less light than that of another plant. It is important to emulate as close as possible the living environment of where your plant originates if you really want to see it thrive, grow, and survive. Try our Areca Palm out in the window of your living room!

2. Seasonal Change Up

Light does not in any way mean warmth, and both are important for your plant’s prosperity, they are not mutually exclusive. Light quality is not always the same throughout the day either, and it is changing constantly. Light shifts throughout the day in a room so take that into account when picking a spot for your plant and where it will receive the proper amount of light for the longest time span. Also remember to move your plants around as the seasons change. When you are in a cooler fall or winter month make sure your plant is receiving more light than it usually would in the summer or spring months to help it generate heat that is not as present during those chilly seasons. This goes the same for plants that require low light, do not leave them in extremely lit environments, this could cause a problem for a plant that is not used to extreme light exposure. Research on the plant’s original location and your own location will help you in making this decision. A great choice for any season is our Parlor Palm.

3. “Living” With Plants

The living room is a great space to keep your plant for a multitude of reasons. A) You spend a lot of your time at home in the living room, this increases your chances of seeing the plant regularly and remembering to care for it properly. Watering the plant, moving it around every now and then, and any other needs the plant may have are more likely to be remembered if you are actively seeing it every day. B) There is usually a decent amount of natural light within living rooms which most indoor plants require, compared to a room with few windows and that is lacking light, such as a basement or office space. C) You will be able to admire and appreciate it more when you are seeing it all the time and isn’t that why you bought your plant in the first place! The perfect living room plant… Our Janet Craig.

4. It’s All in The Kitchen

Kitchens can be more than just a place to cook, spice it up by decorating it tastefully with your new plants. A kitchen usually is a higher temperature room and can contain a bit more humidity. This is something people do not normally account for and plants can really thrive off. When in environments such as these your plant can create a livelier cooking space and even be a great showstopper for guests to appreciate when you have them over for a nice dinner. Want a show stopping kitchen plant? Why don’t you try our White Bird of Paradise for all those tropical vibes in the kitchen.

5. A Plant in The Bathroom?!

Bathrooms are not off-limits folks! Plants so often emulate strong feeling of cleanliness, peace, and freshness. Who would not want to feel that way in the bathroom? Pick plants for this space that require less light than the average indoor house plant and are prone to thriving in humid climates, since this is probably the most humid portion of your home. It is also a good idea to occasionally move these plants to a balcony or windowsill to get some limited direct light every once in a while, if it does not currently get any light. Try out our Aglaonema since it requires only low light, making it the perfect bathroom addition.

So, let’s review. The room your plant is in matters. The location within the room also makes a difference for your plant. Bathrooms are not off limits, and neither are kitchens, even though they are not always the first choice or most popular. That being said, nothing is wrong with the tried and true bedroom and living room placement as well. Take into account the seasons. Light is not the only factor in plant survival but also heat is an imperative factor. Warmth can be essential to some plants, so during the winter even if a plant is receiving the same amount of sunlight it does in the summer, it does not mean it is getting enough warmth think about that and from there figure out how to correct this problem as winter approaches. Emulate the plants original living environment. Just because you do not live in a similar environment or climate as some of your more exotic and beautiful plants DOES NOT mean you can’t rock them in your home, they may just take a little extra care. Learn the proper way to care for your plants and you will have an investment in your home that will make you feel at ease and one with your natural environment.
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