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The Office but Make it PLANTZ 

All of our selections at PLANTZ have their own unique personalities, just like human beings. Some are easy-going, some require more maintenance, and others are just there to look pretty and make you a happy camper. The plants we have are all full of life, just like the employees on the hit show The Office. So, let’s have some fun… We are matching the characters from The Office to their indoor plant. Does your house plant match Michael Scott or do you give off a more Stanley type of vibe? Looking for the Jim to your Pam? Scroll down to find out what plant fits which character best!



The world absolutely adores the trendy Ficus Lyrata for its prominent leaves and the dash of personality it adds to any space you place it in. Still, this big baby needs a lot of attention and care, so it is not for the inexperienced plant parents or people not ready to put in the effort to care for this tree. While popular, Fiddle Leaf Fig’s are sensitive and as dramatic as a Michael Scott quote. We think Michael embodies the ‘it’ plant because both come off as high maintenance, but they are easy to please as well once you know how to deal with them. Fiddle Leaf Fig light exposure plays a huge role in their success, so be sure to provide ample sunlight, or they will throw shade. If your plant baby has any brown spots, you can detect the problem (like too much or too little water) and make an adjustment before damage is done; the Fiddle Leaf Fig will then recover and produce new growth. Whether you are new to plant parenting or have mastered Mother Nature, your Fiddle Leaf Fig will flourish as long as you follow the recommendations. Oddly enough, we can say a lot of the same for the boss of Dunder Mifflin. Loved by many, avoided by most, Michael Scott is a needy man! Like a Fiddle Leaf Fig, all eyes are on him because his presence really does completely fill a room. They are both thirsty for the spotlight, literally. Just let them drink and vibe to calm their temper, and you will have a satisfied plant.


The Office



As the go-to guy, this one almost seems too easy to pair! We think Jim is undoubtedly a Monstera since he is indeed the life of the party and a classic dude! We love him for his charm, wit, and go with the flow attitude. Like Jim, Swiss Cheese Plant is one of our most popular PLANTZ picks because it is low maintenance but can grow larger than life. Monsteras thrive in medium to bright light; we recommend placing your plant baby next to a nice big window so their leaves will grow and split naturally! With these colossal heart-shaped leaves, they bring love and a little bit of paradise wherever they go. Monsteras play nice with everyone and every plant, and although Jim and Dwight may go back in forth, in the end, we all know their friendship is healthy and full of love. Known for their glossy finish, it is essential to care for them with a moderate amount of water and cleaning to be sure they stay picture perfect! Suitable for more than aesthetics, Monstera plant benefits include improving air quality and being one of the most effective house plants for reducing air pollution, keeping you calm and alert. We think there is no other plant more efficient than the Monstera at livening up a room, which is Jim’s most important role in the office. The health and joy they bring parallels Jim’s lighthearted character, making them beloved by all. The Split Leaf Philodendron is a classic choice for many spaces and is one good looking plant, just like good ole Jimmy Halbert, making him the best pick for the Monstera Deliciosa.  


Jim from the Office



She is nurturing, she is modest, she is simplistic, yet she holds it all together. Pam Beesly and The Janet Craig have so much in common it is hard to decide who we are describing here! Like the Dracaena deremensis, Pam enriches many lives while playing a plain jane role, a true to tie to keep all of the characters of the show together and grounded. In a world of uncertainty, everyone can agree that PB and JC brighten every room they enter into; no wonder Jim is so head over heels, and so are we for the Janet Craig! This long-leafed beauty is one of the most popular indoor plants because she is easy to maintain and relatively slow-growing, on top of several other Janet Craig plant benefits. She does it all; JC removes air pollutants such as trichloroethylene, carbon dioxide, and even lead, which are all harmful to our respiratory systems. That fresh, humidified air that the Janet Craig releases will assist with both brains and beauty! Studies have shown Dracaena’s ability to increase concentration and improve memory while aiding with dry skin and even sore throats. Pam is a jack of all trades throughout the countless seasons of The Office, showing her talents and versatility, just like this classic plant. The Janet Craig light requirements allow room for adjustment as well, just like Pam’s first engagement. Sometimes, it takes some trial and error to find the perfect conditions for these two, but they will THRIVE once you find them. They can survive in low light but, the brighter, the better! We could not think of a better pair to represent the glue that holds together each of their communities.


Plantz Office Characters


Propagated in Hawaiian lava rock, the Lisa Cane knows a thing or two about being hardy. This eccentric, robust giant reminds us of Dwight Schrute way too much. As a farmer himself, we are confident that Dwight would appreciate this magnificent Corn Plant! Among all Dracaena varieties, Lisa Cane offers a unique look that adds elegance and depth to tight quarters and grandiose spaces alike. As a reminder, Dracaena plant care is a breeze! Lisa Cane has one of the lowest light requirements out of any of our PLANTZ and prefers to be only slightly moist, meaning she can go a month or more before needing a drink. Dwight is a low key man of the earth, a true survivor off of little. Like Lisa, Dwight is a minimalist and plays Mr. Tough Guy, but wants to be the most prominent personality among any crowd. The Lisa Cane is significant, it is bold, but it is strong by itself even when not receiving attention. We highly recommend this plant for the individualistic plant parent types, people who want to stand out and display their intelligence and individuality.


The office



LEAF HIM ALONE! Stanley is pointy around the edges, just like our Snake Plant. Want a plant you really do not have to tend to but will still look fantastic on its own? That is your Sansevieria, also known as Snake Plant or Mother in Law Tongue. This plant is incredible because it can withstand low light, low watering regimen, and only needs your attention every now and then—kind of like our good man Stanley Hudson. Stanley does NOT want to be bothered at all. He prefers his solitude and is a true independent. Well, we could not think of a more independent plant to match him with than the Mother in Law Tongue. With his witty comebacks and calm attitude, we believe the only thing in the world that could make Stanley crack a smile is our Snake Plant… well, and of course, Pretzel Day, DUH!


The Office



Kelly Kapoor, what do we have to say about miss Kelly… Well, Kelly is larger than life. She walks into any room and commands attention from everyone there. So what better plant to pair with her than one that is loud and dramatic, so we have selected the Areca Palm to be Kelly’s perfect pair! This palm is HUGEEEE; Kelly is bubbly and bright, but also very high maintenance just like the Areca Palm. It requires careful attention and can sometimes come off pretty needy. If you treat it right though, and in the best of conditions, it will give you all the love you desire, just like the bubbly Kelly. She might be a lot to handle at times and a tad bit obsessive. Still, her dedication to her relationship with Ryan is unparalleled to anything we have ever seen (healthy or not), so we see her in the Areca Palm. The Areca Palm with the right attention, the palm will just keep growing and going. Kelly and the Areca are certainly two peas in a pod.  


The Office



One of our plant newbies, the JC Compacta, could not be more young and fresh, just like Ryan Howard is to the world of business. The fresh meat in the office and one with a little bit of a smart ass attitude, the JC Compacta is just like him and serves a little sass and spice in any room. The JC Compacta is a very free-spirited plant; it fits in any home and is really good at integrating anywhere, just like Ryan seems to integrate himself into a multitude of roles throughout the entirety of the show. Check out our JC Compacta if you are looking for something young, funky, and fresh that can serve many different rooms.


The Office




Creed is our Mr. sneaky sneak. ZZ Plants are sneaky as well… How you ask? Well, ZZ Plants are the most laid back plant in the book, even more so than a Snake Plant. They are our lowest light plant and can hide out just about anywhere, even in plain sight (like our good old criminal Creed) while not dying. We commonly recommend this plant for college dorms; that is how little light and attention it actually requires. Creed is evasive and one of the most street smart characters on the show; we feel his intelligence is totally underrated, kind of like an underdog. We believe Creed is also a bit of an underdog. The way the ZZ Plant has managed to thrive in any environment seems pretty street smart to us as well. Want to be around something as adaptable as the iconic Creed, then the ZZ Plant is definitely for you!


The Office




The cat lover and rule-follower of the office is Angela for sure. Angela is known for being uptight and tiny; the Aglaonema is a fantastic plant pick for Angela because although it is small in size, it is mighty as well. Follow the rules when it comes to your plant care, and the Aglaonema will be a great addition to any home. Aglaonemas have many colors and shapes to them as well; we see peeks of different sides to Angela all of the time on the show if you are paying close attention. She truly is the essence of an Aglaonema to a tee. 


The Office


Although we could go on and on about our love to PLANTZ and The Office we feel like this sums up all of our best plant and office pairs. The cast is just as dynamic as our plants inventory, pair your newest plant friend with a classic planter and plant stand… and TADA! You are set for a whole new interior design set up. Which one of these PLANTZ matches do you think is the most like you?