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The ‘It’ Plant Takes Miami

Serena just had her Fiddle Leaf Fig delivered to Miami, Florida.

As we know, the Ficus does best in bright light- so Serena’s Fiddle is going to thrive in South Florida!

Also known as the ‘it’ plant, the Ficus lyrata is on interior design inspo boards around the world. With the right planter and presentation, the Fiddle Leaf Fig takes any interior from a 0-100, real quick.

Serena placed her 3-4′ Standard Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in a modern planter and accessorized it with our Fiberex American Moss!

Well done, Serena! We cannot wait to watch your Fiddle grow in front of all that natural filtered light.

P.S. We are obsessed with her video. Watch it below: