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Sisters welcome their new ‘Gigantasaurus’

Our new models couldn’t be happier with their new Giganta Plant which the girls crowned “Gigantasaurus.”

“The girls love it,” says their mom, Tiffany, who emphasized the valuable help she has received from our online staff. “I was very happy with the process. It came nicely packaged and in a timely way. Anytime I had a question, I just talked to Sue online and she got right back to me.”

For those concerned the plant will only do well in sun-drenched climates, no worries, Tiffany says. “It is thriving here,” said the Virginia resident. “It just elevates my room.”

This little monster is a close relative of the Massangeana Cane (infamously known as the ‘Corn Plant’) but the Giganta is all foliage, unlike the its cousin.

The Giganta Plant’s genes also allow it to do well in low-light and maintain its characteristic yellow variegation. It’s highly rated for removing air-born toxins and pumping out oxygen.

If you are looking for a plant with stunning color that will brighten up any room and needs very little attention, this may be there plant for you. A few clicks here and it will be on its way