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Shipping a Marginata to Oregon

Mr. Christopher Pham recently ordered a Marginata to his home in Portland, Oregon and, after an initial mishap during shipping, is totally loving his new plant!

“After days of driving around to many nursery’s in my area, I was quickly disappointed when I realized that the plant I was looking for was not available anywhere I went. That’s when I took my search to the Internet! I was hesitant to buy a living plant online, concerned about the condition it would arrive in.

This is the second plant I have purchased from The first one arrived in perfect condition, just how it looked in the photo! The second one I ordered was also beautiful but the top branch snapped In half due fault of the carrier that shipped it.
When I contacted customer service, I was blown away they their promptness and willingness to help me. I really felt they ensure their customers are taken care of!
After setting up my second plant in my living room, I actually started to like how it looked! Although they agreed to send me another, there was no need because the plant looked beautiful regardless!!
So thank you, and for anyone considering buying from them I highly recommend it!”
Thank you so much for your lovely words, Mr. Pham! We appreciate you shopping on
Christopher Pham | Marginata