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Safe Delivery!

Never in my entire life did I ever think that houseplants could be purchased online and arrive safety at its destination across the country.  I spent weeks searching in Nevada for a nursery with great looking houseplants.  I was unsuccessful.  Then I discovered your website OMG!  In the 40 years that I have had houseplants, I never purchased them online.  I took a chance because I was desperate for great looking houseplants.  I submitted my order and in the back of my mind, I knew I was going to lose my money.  Shipping houseplants online and shipping them cross country is a receipt for disaster.  While I was waiting for my plants, I followed the instructions on your website and looked at your YouTube videos.  You fully prepared me to receive my plants, get them out of the box, have a tarp ready and place them in a new home.  They are beautiful, look healthy and vibrant.  Some of the leaves had to be cut or trimmed but you fully prepared me on how to handle the situation. You also said that you suggested 2 people but I live alone and had to struggle a little.  I do have one recommendation.

RECOMMENDATION:  The plants are very heavy.  I live alone and on the second floor because my garage is on the first floor.  I had to get the plants from the front door to the second floor.  Luckily I had a dolly that helped me drag them up the stairs.  It was very hard because of the weight of the plants.  Without the dolly it was going to be an impossible task for one person to get the plants to the second floor.  I was not prepared to receive such heavy plants.  I think you should not assume that everyone lives on the first floor, especially if they are in a condo or townhouse where most in Nevada sit on top of garages.  I suggest to tell people to have a dolly ready if the plants are going to have to be taken to a second floor. – Maria Sanchez

Maria! Thank you so much for the recommendation, this is certainly something everyone should consider when ordering plants! Also love to hear that we were able to deliver to you when you did not even realize that was an option!! Yes friends we can deliver to you ANYWHERE in the United States!! Keep us posted on your plants progress Maria and thanks for sharing!

Janet Craig