Quick Guide for Gifting an Office Plant

Quick Guide for Gifting an Office Plant

Plants make awesome gifts for office workers. As workers leave the comfort of their remote work environment to return to the office, what better gift to give your friend or coworker than a living, respirating plant buddy!

Why does someone want an office plant?

Let’s just admit it: plants make our lives better. They don’t yell at you when your report is late, they don’t make you go to awkward lunches with strange clients, and they don’t care if you used that sick day to go kayaking with your friends. How could someone NOT want a plant? The right plant in your office is a long-term low-maintenance commitment to a beautiful new friend who will never let you down. And when they are really happy, they will sprout new lush leaves in appreciation for all you do.

Plant size and aesthetics

There are some specifics that need to be considered before gifting someone a plant for their office. Don’t set your friend up to fail. It’s important to have a general idea of how much natural light your friend has in their space. The amount of light available dictates the kind of plant that will thrive in your friend’s office. Having an idea of how much space is available to incorporate a thriving plant into an office is also important. For instance, a large peace lily in a beautiful pot would add a wonderful pop of color in a planter in front of a window or even on the floor – but it may not be the right option for someone only looking to share some desk space for a plant.

Basic indoor plant care & maintenance

While your friend or co-worker’s new office buddy may be low maintenance, they are not “no maintenance”. They do have some basic needs like sunlight, water, and nutrition. All of these vary from plant to plant. Plantz.com is the place for all indoor plant care and maintenance tips and tricks. They also have very handy supplies that will go far in aiding your pal’s new plant buddy’s survival. The PlantAssure Sub-Irrigation System takes the guesswork out of watering plants. Their DynaGro products like Foliage Pro and Pro TeKt make it easy to ensure the plant is receiving top-quality nutrition that will help the plant remain strong and lush.


Not only does Plantz.com have all of the answers you need for the care of indoor plants, but they also have a convenient website where you can order plants for delivery right from the comfort of your own home. For those who want to gift a plant, but are unsure of what plant is right for their friend’s space, Plantz.com offers gift cards that can be used for plants and supplies, including a wide variety of decorative containers. Contact Plantz.com today to find the right plant pal for your friend!