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PLANTZ with Red Carpet Lookz

In case you missed it, the annual 2021 Grammy’s were a couple of nights ago, but due to the ongoing pandemic, many celebs celebrated from the comfort of their homes.

While we enjoyed the awards from home, the red-carpet looks did not cease to grace our Instagram feeds! One, in particular, stood out to the plant parents in the audience!

We could not help but freak out when Chrissy Teigen and John Legend posed with their plant on display. Would you pin this iconic duo as planties? We are not sure either, but we do know their pick fits them perfectly.

Their Aglaonema made its Instagram debut (twice)!

Chrissy and John's Quarantine Grammy's
Aglaonema on the Red Carpet

Aglaonema’s are low maintenance, low-light plants. They can go weeks between watering and can be sustained for long periods with indoor lighting. For obvious reasons, this makes them an ideal indoor plant candidate for busybodied celebs like the Legend Family.

This unique plant also referred to as the Chinese Evergreen, comes in several sizes and styles.

Want to live like a Legend? PLANTZ can (kinda) help. Check out our Aglaonema Varieties here!