PLANTZ Growth During COVID-19 | Fox News 13 Feature


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PLANTZ Growth During COVID-19

We are proud here at PLANTZ to have been featured on Fox News 13 recently and Channel 10 CBS for what we do here, and how we have been prospering during COVID-19. The reality of this scary pandemic is that we are all stuck at home. Indoor plants provide a healthier living space, and let’s face it, a more inviting one as well and we are over the moon to be a part of this huge gardening movement that the country is seeing. Many plants help with air toxins and air quality, just one of the many reasons we have seen a spike in plant sales during such an illness driven time.

As stated by Fox News 13 there has been a “boom in the garden industry,” and we are not only grateful for it, but proud to be a part of the education on how indoor plants can improve homes, mentally, emotionally, and physically for people. Helping people and educating on plants is what we love to do most.

Bring the nature into your homes during crazy quarantine, and during #earthmonth no less!

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