Plantz delivers a Fiddle Leaf Fig to Clayton Gray's Home


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PLANTZ Delivers to Clayton Gray Home



Clayton Gray Home
Clayton Gray Home Fiddle Leaf Fig

We certainly love it when customers are excited to receive their new plants! The wonderful people at Clayton Gray Home, a home furniture and décor company, recently ordered their first Fiddle Leaf Fig (or Ficus lyrata) from our new website and received it this week.  (They even took to Facebook to share their excitement of their new arrival!)

“Delivery was great and our new plant was very well packaged when it arrived,” said Wendy Garraty, owner of Clayton Gray Home. “Unpacking was surprisingly simple as well. We are working hard to ensure that we take care of our new Fiddle Leaf Fig!”

We developed our new online ordering system to create a simple way to get our beautiful Florida and Hawaiian-grown foliage from our greenhouse to your doorstep. We’ve been offering plants to the Tampa Bay market since the 70’s, and our new ordering innovation has allowed us to spread plant happiness all over our wonderful country.

For more information on ordering your new plants, visit our online shop or contact the PLANTZ team today!

Fiddle Leaf Fig Delivered to Clayton Gray