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Our Alabama PLANTZ Adventure

We had a blast recently with one of our deliveries  to a special client in Montgomery Alabama on Lake Martin. We were blown away by the lakes homes beauty and how well the plants fit in there.

Phillip Sides Design contacted PLANTZ through our websites to purchase and arrange for delivery from Tampa to Alabama.  Keith Lindquist of Plantz transported, delivered, and set up the plants in the customer’s planters for easy care and beautiful appearance.

We delivered six large plants, 2 of them were 14 foot tall Dracaena Reflexas and 4 were 7 foot tall Rhapis Palms. 

The home itself was legendary, it took more than 4 years to build, and they were in desperate need of big and beautiful plants to fill their space.

Here are some pictures of the plants in the home, remember no matter the type of home you have or where you are in the country, don’t underestimate the power of PLANTZ!

Rhapis Palm

Reflexa Plants

The Reflexa

Rhapis Palm