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Newton the Fiddle Leaf Fig in New York City

At PLANTZ, we firmly believe that plants are a wonderful way to help cheer someone up. In Ryan’s case, her friend wanted to put a smile on her face with a new Fiddle Leaf Fig after the passing of a loved one – and we were more than happy to help her accomplish her goal. After an initial shipping mishap, Ryan’s new Fiddle Leaf Fig (now known as  “Newton”) made it to her apartment with the help of her husband and a friendly neighborhood doorman!

Ryan had this to say about Newton and her experience with the PLANTZ customer service team:

“I must give a heartfelt shout out to Sue at PLANTZ, the best customer service representative with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting. If you are hesitant about ordering a plant online (as I initially was) please take a moment to read my unusual, but happy, experience….
After a long and wild ride from the bottom to the top of the East Coast, including an unplanned slumber party in the building across the street, Newton the Fiddle Leaf Fig finally made it to his forever home in a sunny, fellow plant-filled apartment in NYC. His new mom, Ryan (who Sue thought was a dad), hadn’t even an inkling of his arrival and was tickled pink when he showed up at her door; he was a surprise gift from her best friends as a show of support and positivity in light of her mother’s recent passing.  He arrived looking healthy as ever, even after a brief scare that FedEx lost him in transit, leaving him unaccounted for for about 24 hours. Sue was more than accommodating when learning of the FedEx mishap and got down to the bottom of Newton’s location immediately. Within a few hours of reporting him lost, I was notified by a lovely New York apartment doorman that Newton had simply been delivered to the wrong side of the street. Ryan’s husband promptly sprinted to the neighboring apartment building to bring Newton home and the rest is history. You can’t tell by the picture, but he is almost as happy to be in his forever home as Ryan is to have him. Thank you for everything, PLANTZ – especially you, Sue! Will continue to give you my business as I have nothing but the highest satisfaction with your company. Thanks again!”

Thank you for your lovely review, Ryan! We are so elated to hear that you are loving Newton and that Sue was such a big help.

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