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New Plants in New Places

We recently delivered some greenery to our friends at Rite Aid!

With little window exposure and minimal natural sunlight, we had to make sure we found PLANTZ that could stay healthy in these conditions.

They made the perfect choices, with a beautiful Janet Craig and a low-maintenance natural air purifier, a Snake Plant!

Janet Craig found her home in the corner, and as a low-light lover she is going to thrive here.

Janet Craig

On the other hand, the Snake Plant was placed perfectly in between some waiting room chairs in the pharmacy.

Not only does this provide personal space to the customers and patients, but the Sansevieria serves a second purpose, as a natural air purifier. NASA conducted a clean air study, and they found the Snake Plant does an excellent job of eliminating pollutants from our air space.

Rite Aid Snake Plant
Snake Plant Breaks Up Rite Aid Waiting Area