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A New Home for Ferdinand the Ficus Lyrata

Bunmi Ogunleye

Bunmi Ogunleye recently placed an order on for a new Fiddle Leaf Fig (aka Ficus Lyrata) and she was kind enough to let us know how happy she is with her new plant! He even has a new name: Ferdinand!

Bunmi had this to say about her experience with PLANTZ:

“Plantz was exceptional and informative! During the whole experience from choosing a plant, talking to customer service, and watching online videos I could tell they really love what they do and I was so glad to work with Plantz. Our plant is beautiful! Thank you!”

Thank you for choosing PLANTZ, Bunmi! We are so glad to hear that you love Ferdinand!

You can order your very own Ficus Lyrata here.

Ferdinand the Ficus Lyrata