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Mr. Fiddle: Perfect Ficus Lyrata in Los Angeles

Although he had a bit of hesitation about ordering a plant that would be shipped to California from Florida, Mr. Kyle Lipson was very pleased with the delivery of his new Fiddle Leaf Fig!

“Living in Los Angeles, I was hesitant to purchase a plant online from a company based in Florida. That said, the advertised price of their fiddle leaf fig trees was too good to pass up, along with the convenience of having it delivered right to my doorstep. What came was a lush, four and a half foot tree that arrived in perfect health and condition. Further, the customer relationship did not end with the sale, as they provided helpful care instructions and video links to ensure years of happiness with our daughter’s new best friend, Mr. Fiddle. The PLANTZ team is clearly passionate about what they do and passionate about their product.”

We are so glad to hear that you and your precious daughter Marlowe are loving “Mr. Fiddle!” Thank you so much for your lovely review and for shopping on, Kyle! Check out this adorable photo of Marlowe and Mr. Fiddle!

If you would like to order your very own Fiddle Leaf Fig (AKA Ficus lyrata), click here.