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Mother’s Day PLANTZ Picks

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Well, search no further because PLANTZ is the way to go.

Here is a list of our top plant picks for mom this year!


A ZZ Plant. Here is why…

  • Easy to care for, little maintenance for mom down the line
  • Unique, just like your one of a kind mama
  • Low light plant, so you do not need to scope out the house to find a sunny spot for it before you purchase

This plant will make your mom smile from ear to ear at your thoughtful present.

The ZZ does well in low light.

Click Here for the ZZ Plant


Next up we have the White Bird of Paradise

  • This one is for the elegant mom, a plant that matches her demeanor
  • What better way to highlight your moms best qualities than through a plant the portrays the same
  • This plant makes a statement, so state your love with a BANG

Your mom is one of a kind, just like this plant is. Show your mother what she really means.

white bird of paradise

Follow This Link to Purchase Your New White Bird


Okay, let’s talk about the Snake Plant, also nicknamed the Mother in Law Tongue plant. Do you need the perfect present for a mother in law or a stepmom? Why not this guy.

  • It cleans air toxins
  • Hardly ever needs maintenance
  • A true survivor
  • And a heartfelt live gift for the mother figure in your life

Mother’s Day goes beyond biological mothers, show all the mother figure in your life some love.

The Snake plant is also called Mother in Law's Tongue


Time to Checkout Your Snake Plant 

Moms love pink right? How about gifting your mom a pink plant! The Marginata Colorama to be exact.

  • It is colorful and bright just like your special mother
  • Unique and stands out in a crowd… we are sure your mom relates to that one
  • It will make her the envy of all the other moms on the block

There is nothing boring about your mom and nothing boring about this plant either!

Standout With the Colorama


Is your mom’s name Lisa, or Janet, or Carmen? Get her a plant NAMED for her. We have three options for that, the Lisa Cane, the Janet Craig, and the Janet Craig Carmen.

  • A plant named for her what could be more special
  • All of these plants are great indoor plants that make a statement
  • The care is not outrageous and totally maintainable

The Lisa Cane has shiny dark leaves and looks substantial in any spot.The Janet CraigCarmen details showing yellow edges on leaves








Lisa Cane                                      Janet Craig                                        Janet Craig Carmen

Mom already has plenty of plants? That doesn’t mean those plants don’t need care essentials and accessories! First up we have our PlantAssure sub-irrigation system which is exclusive to PLANTZ. This is used to extend the plants watering intervals so that your mom has to do less plant watering, which believe us, can be tedious and time-consuming leaving her with more time to spend with you! Spend the day helping your mom install her new PlantAssure irrigation.

PlantAssure irrigation system


How about a Soil Sleuth? This is a soil probe that you can test the inside of the soil to see if it is moist enough. This is great for those tedious plants that people tend to over or underwater and just cannot seem to get right. Feeling the top layer of soil just is not enough for your indoor plants, so give your mom the best soil probe around to make watering the plants easier and more efficient.


Soil Probes
A soil probe, like the Soil Sleuth shown here, is a must for accurately judging soil moisture to determine when best to “water”.

Soil Sleuth


How about a shiny new pot to gift your mom for her special day? We have a wide selection of stylish pot that will fit right in throughout your home and have mom jumping for joy at her new aesthetically pleasing plant holder. We have pots ranging from clay, woven baskets, and many more, all pairing well with any of your green friends! These pots work indoors and on patios, so if your mom has some outdoor plants in need of some love too, we are here to help. These pots also come in different shapes and sizes, making her new pot special and custom picked by YOU!

Super durable Strong Clay Square Planter in Sky White finish Strong Clay Bottom Radius Planter in Gray Rock Super durable Strong Clay Tall Square Planter in Brown Earth finish

Different Planter Options


Want to help your mom elevate her plants to new heights?  Why not get her a plant stand to raise it up? Ranging in colors and can fit most planters for 10″ and 14″ growpots. They are easy to assemble, and you can do it together! More quality time.

Shows Light and Dark Beech Wood Planter Stands

Plant Stands for Your New Plant Friend


We hope this helped in some of your Mother’s Day shopping, and if you are a mom reading this, send this post to your family 😉.