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A Monstera Makes it to The Lone Star State

Aicardo is loving his new Monstera!

The Split-Leaf Philodendron arrived a little over a week ago, and he is already seeing new growth.

This is a 10″ Monstera, but something tells us this guy is going to get huge!

Houston is the perfect place to raise a Monstera since it is known as Space City, and NASA declared that large leaf Philodendrons, lie Monsteras, have air-purifying properties!

Aicardo already knows they love medium to bright light, which is why his new baby is thriving! We love the window spot he chose.

Aicardo's Monstera in Texas
Aicardo’s 10″ Monstera

Aicardo shared:

“It has been a week or so since we got the monstera and I wanted to send over a picture of how beautiful it looks. We even have new growth coming in on the stalks!”

We cannot wait to keep up with the growth of this Monstera!