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Modern Indoor Planters

The comapcta bush adds tropical drama to a bright room

Choosing the Best Indoor Planter for Your Plants


Okay, you have your new plant buddy, that is fantastic! What now, well, you can’t just leave it sitting there in its grow pot. You have to get it into the right indoor planter, not only for the aesthetic purposes of it all but for the safety of your plant as well. Do not fret, though. We have you covered on all things planters and are here to help you find your perfect planter fit. Indoor plant pots can be a challenge to find for anyone. There are so many factors that go into picking the perfect one. Size, style, material, these all play a factor in what large planters are the best fit for your new plant, and that still mesh with your home as well. 


Let’s break planters up into style type first. We commonly see these popular styles the most in interior design:


– Modern Planters

– Clay Planters 

– Wicker Basket Planters

– Ceramic Planters

– Plastic Planters 


If we are talking modern indoor planters, we have a suggestion for you. If you have read our blog on modern design, you already know we commonly recommend our planters that are a little more sleek looking for this specific design. Modern indoor planters should be neutral as well as sleek. We prefer our Phoenix Planters when it comes to our more modern customers. Luckily, these can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors too. 


The Phoenix Planters come in:

–    Small Square 

–    Tall Square 

–    Tall Vase 

–    Cylinder 


 These all come in colors such as gloss black, matte black, silver, gunmetal, golden bronze, and bronze, all neutral and follow along with the modern interior design. Sleek is the name of the game when it comes to modern interior design, keep the planter’s monotone and let your plant color be the real star of the show. We prefer the matte black and gunmetal with our plants when it comes to modern interiors for a crisp contrast against our very green plants, but the world is truly your oyster, so play with different plant and planter combos until you find your perfect fit. 


The Benefit of Clay Pots for Plants

Strong Clay Cylinder Planter in Gray Rock


Okay, so what about clay pots for plants? We LOVE our clay potters. They truly stand out and are currently very on-trend. We adore the clay planters as well for their durability, along with their uniqueness. These indoor planters can withstand anything while still looking fabulous as all get out! We have various colors and shapes for our clay planters as well, just like our more modern selection. 


One of our favorites is our Strong Clay Cylinder planter. This one is unique, with a rounded bottom and a few different color variations. Those colors are Brown Earth, Gray Rock, and Sky White and can be purchased in various sizes as well. These are some of the best pots for indoor plants because of their durability and stability, keeping the plant safe and happy. You can rest easy knowing that this planter protects your plant from its roots getting tampered with or damaged. 


If you are looking for a clay planter and do not like the cylinder planter’s look, we also have others such as the Strong Clay Bottom Radius, which has a round shape, or the Strong Clay Squares – which is also a popular planter. If you have a taller plant and want more of a raised planter, we also have our Clay Tall planter in a square shape, perfect for Fiddle Leaf Figs trees and Palms that stand tall and proud a room. 


What Planter is Right for Your Plants?


 All these indoor planter options are fantastic, but which is the best fit for you and your new plant buddy? Here are some of our favorite pairings that we think will fit perfectly in your home!


Like we stated above, we love to see our taller plants with a strong, tall indoor planter. Our suggestion would be to try out one of the Clay Tall planters or the Tall Square modern planter for all of your larger plants. That could be any plant ranging from a Kentia Palm to a Lisa Cane, that usually grows exceptionally high and make quite the dramatic statement in any room you place it in. 


Monsteras are also a hot commodity in the plant community right now, so we commonly get asked about the best planter for this specific plant. Monsteras give off a bohemian retro and vibe, so we feel the planter should match in this case. Why not try out one of our new baskets to pair with your Monstera! We have been loving the addition of our Jute Rope Basket and our Sand White Basket to our planter collection, and we also think it would be the PERFECT fit to go with the Monstera. This duo would truly be unstoppable, so it has to be our number one pick!


These planters are great for a more beach relaxed vibe or even a bohemian designed home. We often see people even dual-use these planters as baskets for storage or to put blankets in. 


Best potting soil for indoor plants can also determine your planter. Making sure there will be no soil mess with your planter is imperative. Have pets or young kids that can get into your plant? Why not try a plant stand to elevate your plant as well and keep it out of harm’s way. Protect the plant, soil, and pot from being low on the ground in danger of the unknowns that we call life. 


Plants do not work without planters! Make your plant shopping easier by having us help you select that perfect planter. From ceramic to plastic to woven baskets, the possibilities are endless, and we cannot wait to see the combinations you conjure up with your new plant (or plants), from color and height of your planter to material and size! Please send us your plant and planter combos to [email protected]